PSLS Sony Leipzig Announcement Wishlist

We here at PSLS are extremely excited for the upcoming Leipzig Games Convention. The guarantee of 12 announcements at Leipzig has only added fuel to the fire. We already know that Heavy Rain will be at the show. We also know that Killzone 2's multiplayer will be playable for the first time. So the authors at PSLS came together and created a list of things that we hope are a part of the 12 announcements.

* Home Release Date: We are hoping for an official date to be announced for the Open Beta
* PlayStation Store on the PSP: You want it. We want it. Sony said it is coming. Bring it.
* RPGs: Need we say more?
* PSEye Content: XMB Interaction? How about more interaction with games?
* PSP w/ Integrated Microphone: That rumored PSP-3001

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plain rice3739d ago

Hope is the only thing that site can do now.

Yawnier3739d ago

Sony: God of War 3
Heavy Rain
The agency (maybe 08?)
Insomniac game (Ratchet or Resistance 3?)
Naughty Dog (Jak 4 or Uncharted 2)
New Rockstar IP
That rumoured Savage Moon game
Hardware 2
(Maybe) Team Ico's game

Mass Effect 2 will probably be multi
Bioshock 2 will be probably multi
Splinter Cell Conviction, Well don't expect it to be good since Double Agent sucked (own it myself)

Really all I see for 09 for microsoft is Halo Wars.

Now that's a scary lineup for Microsoft, The PS3 will have to pass the 360 in total Hardware AND software sales by December of 2009.

Gamekilla3739d ago

but they also have alan wake....i heard development has been messy though...still usually i've seen microsoft announce most of its games near launch, as you would notice all games announced at e3 come out in 2008 only, except multiplatform titles like resident evil 5 and so forth. I do agree with you though 2009 is shaping up to be better for sony and 2008 is better too IMO, but only slightly, as you have resistance2, LBP, Socom, going up against gears2, and fable2. (there may be more games on either side that i am forgetting)

Gamekilla3739d ago

should announce NON-CONSOLE SELLING features (such as life with playstation), very close to their release date, i say this because these things weren't necessary in the first place and then when they take a while to come people start moaning about them