Move Over World of Warcraft, WAR is Coming

TGR - "I had never even heard of Warhammer until just over a year ago. I had never seen the army pieces you could paint up or even played any Warhammer PC games. So when a fellow World of Warcraft guild member said it was going to be the best MMO ever because it was being developed by Mythic Entertainment, the people that made Dark Age of Camelot, I shrugged it off. I was too busy playing Ultima Online and never got into Dark Age of Camelot. He kept babbling on and on about "Realm vs. Realm" and capturing keeps with siege weapons. World of Warcraft was my game of choice and addiction at that time; I couldn't imagine playing any other MMORPG. Time traveling forward to the present, my love of World of Warcraft is done. It was a great game, but it wore me down to a nub. All my time in the game was spent chatting in the trade channel, waiting for the arena queues to pop and raid groups to fill up. So, I didn't hesitate one second when I received that golden ticket in my email that told me to come join the WAR."

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cain1413808d ago

I'm not sure if I can see anything knocking WoW off its current position...

KillaManiac3808d ago

Knock off WoW, but it will definitely be taking away some of its players. These players are probably sick of Blizzard making new expansions and raise level cap which inturn makes your Equipment you worked your ass for...COMPLETELY USELESS.

I have been playing through a while (month+) of Closed beta. I am definitely picking this game up as my new "top/current" MMO.

Scerick3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

I'm not saying that it's a great mechanic, but every MMO has kept players around with the item grind you're knocking WoW for. I'm sure WAR will eventually do the same thing.

*Has 3 CE's pre-ordered.*

KillaManiac3807d ago

Good lord...3 CEs? hah...only 1 here.

I understand the WoW Instance grinding just fine....I did it quite alot, but then when Burning crusade came out and all your hundreds of hours of instancing those items were outclassed by a Green Item. I wanted to scream.

Now I see that the same thing will happen again with the new Lich King Expansion.

LossTheEarthbreaker3807d ago (Edited 3807d ago )

As a player of WoW for well over 3500 hours, I will say that I am tired of it and Blizz holding back things because they really have no reason to realease them. Their quality can't be denied, but even Age of Conan drew me away from WoW, even after raiding Sunwell Plateau. The Ashbringer almost sold me alone before I looked into other MMo's.

I also played a Paladin, so your mileage may vary.

Ichabod133807d ago

3 CE's is a smart move, just ebay the CE Warhammer Online and you'll see they are going to be a hot item for Warhammer buffs. I might pick up a couple more when I go get mine...I know they won't be sold out here in my area. :P

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Ichabod133807d ago

Hey guys, I'm the man behind the black and white. Like I said, I played WoW. I've done the endgame WoW and just a few minutes into Warhammer and you forget about WoW really fast. It's just fun, it reminds me so much of the old school Warcraft. I can see WAR taking 50% or even more of WoW's current subscription base.

Hell...this time next year I'll probably be comparing some other game to Warhammer, the top MMO.