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Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam is charming, entertaining, tedious, and padded. Associate Editor Esteban Cuevas' review.

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jlfleur983d ago

Paper + 3D... Yeah that doesn't sound like a super combo.

poison_shadow983d ago

It looked like it could be good, but it's always a drag when a game is clearly padded out.

Colorwynd983d ago

It's really unfortunate. The combat is really good.

ProLogY983d ago

Aww.. I was really hoping this would be better than Sticker Star. It looked so good!!

Stealth20k983d ago

The game is fantastic. One review from a site I have not heard of does not change that. The majority of the reviews are great.

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983d ago Replies(1)
Colorwynd983d ago

More power to you if you enjoy the game. However, in my opinion, the game had too many flaws to be called a fantastic game.

Stealth20k983d ago

I gave it an 8.5. It is really good.

jlfleur982d ago

Just because you fundamentally disagree with the score, doesn't mean the points in the review lack merit. Is there something the reviewer mentioned that you find arguable? You're right that this is just one review, but if the points discussed in that one review are significant to one person, it has built a bridge of understanding between the consumer and the writer. It's up to the consumer to decide if that review has sufficiently convinced them of the quality of the game. If they feel they need more input to make that decision, it's entirely up to them, and that information is readily available because there are so many differing opinions published regularly, often of wildly different conclusions. Are you looking for one ubiquitous answer that, "yes this game is good"?

This is one review of many, yes, but just because you or anyone else disagrees with this one, doesn't make it wrong or less informative for someone who finds the writer to be an informative source.

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Majinzo983d ago

lazy developers.. All those resources and money, yet they can not produce a good game.

Stealth20k983d ago

What games have you made? You call them lazy, would you call them lazy to their faces or do you just troll on the internet. They did make a good game

Majinzo981d ago

Average game for Nintendo not great.

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