Every Developer at Vision Summit is Taking Home an HTC Vive – Breaking

Announced during the keynote via video, Valve chief Gabe Newell’s brief appearance consisted of three simple announcements:

Native support for SteamVR and the HTC Vive in Unity
An “advanced SteamVR rendering plugin for Unity that allows for enhanced fidelity and performance”
And, that every developer at Vision Summit would walk home with the HTC Vive Pre, the latest development kit for the SteamVR platform

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joeorc2784d ago (Edited 2784d ago )

One of the things , that are pretty front & center is the faith the company's that really have invested into VR is showing that they are more than willing to go out on a limb.

And are really not just invested, but really see the benefits of investment into Advancement of VR. Even Now this is far better than the companies that invested into VR 20 to 30 years ago, in trying to really put in real solid efforts in making VR a reality in the market to make it feasible.

Counting, Google, samsung, Sony, Apple,Amazon,Facebook, Microsoft.. Etc there is pretty much no big players left in the tech indudtry that is left that have yet to jumped right into VR already or is not yet working on a HMD or co-opped a deal with other companies on a VR HMD or VR content.

It bodes well on the status of VR community's of Companies all on board.


Senator Asks Gabe Newell Why Steam Hosts So Much Neo-Nazi Content

New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan sent Valve a letter decrying the vast amount of white supremacist imagery in its user generated content and community spaces.

blackblades282d ago

I would like a response from him, they should crack down on that to an extent. If they supporting that crap get rid of it of its killing Nazi I'm down with that.

SullysCigar282d ago

Like the Azov Regiment that our taxes are supporting?

Nazism has always provided us with cannon fodder in games, but I don't expect COD will tackle that particular hot potato any time soon.

blackblades282d ago

Oh y'all love the racism dont yall,

just_looken281d ago


How about pro communism then? or pro french? or pro British? heck why not pro steam 19th century American games?.

Every country in some form of extent had its genocide and or racism period's some still are its part of history and one of humanity's flaws.

We should be teaching everyone though media about universally adapting equality though education and reform heck skim off the trillion-airs/billionaires for starters they can support the education bill.

but na its one week pro this next week anti that all the dam time.

PaulFiend281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Stop spreading russian-nazi propaganda.

SullysCigar281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

^ @PaulFiend, sadly it's an unwelcome fact. I understand your cognitive dissonance. You can be opposed to the Russian invasion, but also recognise that these neo nazis have/had power.

It's acknowledged in every facet of the media - left, right or centric, social media, Wikipedia, everywhere - and not a fact check in sight, because unfortunately it's the truth.

If you want a link, pick your poison: CNN, The FT, The Independent, Fox News... Even Zelensky has acknowledged this in mainstream news interviews, because the Azov Battalion flag and the soldiers being covered in swastika tattoos made it unavoidable.

Conversely, I'm happy for you to fact check me. I'm just saying things aren't quite as black and white as we'd prefer them to be. I am as anti-war as anyone else here - it's disgusting.

EDIT @Below: stop putting words in my mouth. I think the muck should have been cleared out first and THEN whatever necessary action should be taken to secure the region. This includes using tax payer money from the West.

And, while we're at it, we should help the Syrians too. Those people are suffering unimaginably right now.

Killer2020UK281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

If they're getting funded it's by proxy of funding Ukraine to fight off an invasion of their country by Russia. The fact you lead with the old tax line implies you think public money shouldn't be spent on defending a democratic nation in Europe who's existence or potential eradication would have serious ramifications for the rest of the Western world. Thinking it's a waste of money is a good way of showing you don't know jack shit about foreign policy and the consequences of getting it wrong. Honestly, you may as well be cosying up to Iran who let me tell you, do not care for you or your country.

Why have you always got to be an edgelord Sully? It's an article about Steam FFS. Why being this irrelevant whataboutery to the comments section?

Father__Merrin281d ago

Absolutely Ukraine has always had a nazi supremisism problem. And now we have to support them guess what I don't.... All azov aidar Stephen bandera followers are scum, its not Russian propaganda it's actually real if you start to look into it. So this alleged senetor first has to question supporting fascists of Ukraine before pointing his nose towards steam

Killer2020UK281d ago

Maybe you should lead with those views first then instead of solely your concerns about tax payers money going to neo nazi groups. I think you have to be more aware of what you imply when making those statements. Nobody else here knows the context you hold in your head, just you. We have to go by what you write exclusive of your intentions.

Killer2020UK281d ago

Let's not overlook the neo Nazi groups fighting for Russia if we're getting onto this topic...

Zombieburger638281d ago

Maybe you should go visit the torture chambers the Russians use on civilians. Including women and children.

GhostTurtle281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

You folks denying the Azov Regiment need to get off social and mainstream media and do some goddamn self research....

When has our tax dollars gone and supported said neo nazi groups in Russia?

Huey_My_D_Long281d ago

I don't like the Azov battalion and yes ukraine has a problem with racism...
But Putin Invading Ukraine for that reason is like if we invade Mexico for police brutality...
Alot of the east European continent is pretty racist, ukraine, Russia.Putin
Doesn't validate a invasion

Majin-vegeta281d ago

Lol the azov regiment is not Nazi affiliated.

fr0sty281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

That's like suggesting that if we get invaded, our allies should wait until they've cleared out our white supremacist problem before they offer us any help... You stop genocidal slaughter by the invaders first, then you focus on weeding out the crap. These aren't nazis we're giving weapons to, who are using those weapons to further their ideology. These people are fighting for their lives...

Not even Putin could stick to the Nazi distraction, he's had to give up using that as justification for his war... The only purpose it currently serves is to further this genocide by discouraging people from supporting the innocent civilians who couldn't care less about the Azov Regiment's questionable connections to neo-nazis... Our citizens would deserve such help even if Britain's media started singling out members of our special forces troops who were white supremacists... or bringing up the white supremacist ties some members of a certain political party have... we are in no place to point fingers there, we have them among our ranks as well... and while I do think that any further help with rebuilding after the war should be contingent upon them weeding out such corruption, as long as they are under attack, they need our help.

Guitardr85280d ago

@Just_Lookin...there's a big difference between the the Nazis and the other things you listed. By saying pro British or Pro France I can't tell if youre referring to the country as a whole or specific times in their history like colonial England or revolutionary France. If it's the former, comparing a politic movement against an entire country really isn't apples to apples. Secondly, while you're absolutely right that a lot of course tries have had bad examples in their past, Nazi Germany is something that still carries a lot of weight with the alt right political people today. It's still a dangerous entity itself and needs to be contained, especially when we are seeing so much of the same kind of hatred and bigotry that allowed it to take root in the first place. As Im sure you know, Hitler was elected as Chancellor in Germany before he dissolved the Weimar...

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CrimsonWing69281d ago

If you start this it’s open season on anything.

Killer2020UK281d ago

What are you advocating then? That you don't fund Ukraine at all because there are neo Nazi militias also fighting against the Russians? I don't know about you but the best place for neo Nazis I can think of is on the front line where they'll likely serve a purpose and be decimated in the process.

SullysCigar281d ago

It's interesting how quick you are to fill in the blanks and decide other peoples' opinions are morally dubious, right before advocating killing human beings.

The best place for a neo nazi is jail. The front line is not the best place for anyone, because war is pointless to all but the elite few profiteering from it.

Panhandler281d ago

You advocating for the murder of a person for their ideologies opens the door for the polar opposite of the Ideology you're wanting to kill. Here we go, the opposite of National Socialism is Communism. Since the Communist Bolsheviks of Russia killed upwards of over 60 million Christians from 1917 to 1954. That's not even bringing up Mao in China. From the Bolshevik Revolution to the Armenian Genocide to the Holodomor Holocaust. So who was behind the mass killing of Christians?

David R. Francis, United States ambassador in Russia, warned in a January 1918 dispatch to Washington: "The Bolshevik leaders here, most of whom are Jews and 90 percent of whom are returned exiles, care little for Russia or any other country but are internationalists and they are trying to start a worldwide social revolution." The Netherlands' ambassador in Russia, Oudendyke, made much the same point a few months later: "Unless Bolshevism is nipped in the bud immediately, it is bound to spread in one form or another over Europe and the whole world as it is organized and worked by Jews who have no nationality, and whose one object is to destroy for their own ends the existing order of things." "The Bolshevik Revolution," declared a leading American Jewish community paper in 1920, "was largely the product of Jewish thinking, Jewish discontent, Jewish effort to reconstruct."

History you have been removed from 109 countries over 300 times. The only European country not to Exile Jews was the Netherlands because when Jews moved there in the 1600's the Dutch used Jews slave knowledge in South Africa. Which almost all slave ships were Jewish owned. You're history's greatest slave traders, being able to move between both Christian and Muslim countries. The Jewish Golden age was during the African Moors occupation of Western Europe for a 400 years. Where they Dominated the slave trade. 

If not for the Reconquista they would have taken more land and finally was expunged during the Spanish Inquisition. Which made Jews move to Brazil which has one of the largest Jewish populations. This is why 95% of all African Slaves during the slave trade years went to Brazil. But most died due to the extreme conditions their masters put them through.

Albert Pike Jewish Mason and Confederate General was the founding father of the KKK.

The Blood Libel the ancient past time where Jews drain the blood of Christian babies to create matzah bread. The old tell that started Dracula
Also in Bram Stokers 1931 film Dracula  Bela Legosi wore the Star of David. Which is the star of David is Moloch symbol and Moloch was the Pagan God of child sacrifice.... Now the Masonic Secret Societies do this same thing but it's called adrenochrome.

"A Jew will always tell you what happened to him, but he'll never tell you why" - Old Arab Proverb

Look into how Nathan Rothchild took control of the England's Money after the battle of waterloo. Or how they took control of America with the federal reserve. Wars give Bankers power. Jews Control every Faucet of Life. Banks, Media, Entertainment so on.

SullysCigar281d ago

Thanks for that interesting synopsis. It's nice to read something thought-provoking from someone who has bothered to do their research, rather than just get attacked for saying an unpopular truth.

I believe the people Oudendyke was referring to in the quote you shared was the Askenazis / Khazarians.

The symbolism you mentioned was interesting too, and that's another element that exposes the Azov Regiment (even after their 2014 'rebranding').

blackblades281d ago (Edited 281d ago )

Wow nice text book, I forgot to add killing Nazis in a video game only. I dont wanna see any kind of these nazi, Nazi supporting group bundle in a place where they dont belong. They dont belong on steam or anywhere else. If its a game on steam that lets you kill nazis I'm down for. In here sounds like y'all support these racist fools.

AirRevenant281d ago

The downvotes here show how much Nazis are desperate for safe spaces, and how much N4G is one of those safe spaces.

Panhandler281d ago

You're Ignorance is abundant

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CDbiggen281d ago

I've never seen this neo-nazi content

Fonsecap281d ago

Neither did I, maybe it's there if you look for it but not if you do normal browsing...

CantThinkOfAUsername281d ago

There were a few groups and community pages that were neo-Nazi, however, Steam purged them a while ago.

REDDURT281d ago

Even mainstream media did a story on the Nazi problem in Ukraine before the war. I believe it was msnbc or cnn.

Father__Merrin281d ago

They all did every single one. But now all of a sudden Ukraine is a beacon of democracy and filled with angelic beings so we have to wave yellow blue flags. I've been following news on telegram and not tiktok, its clear who Ukraine are, I do feel sorry for the ordinary Ukraine folk though. The worst is what those scum did to a women in Mariopul and engraving nazi symbol on her stomach western media was coming out with shock horror but once it was known it was an abandoned kraken division area the media never mentioned it again.

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