Crysis Confirmed for Xbox 360? (Update 1)

If we are to believe a report on the Spanish game site, EA will be bringing Crysis to the Xbox 360.

Here is a Google translation of the article on HardGamer2:

"Finally Electronic Arts and Crytek have confirmed that Crysis will arrive at Xbox 360. The articles are many that we have read on the difficulties to program CryEngine 2, and that this are compatible as well in consoles, but EA has announced that will put the infrastructure necessary to make profitable the costs of development of this version. They have not specified a date of launching, but the producer does not want that it goes away beyond the first quarter of 2008, because it would not have sense to send it so behind schedule with respect to the market of the PC and would harm the global sales. Of the arrival to PlayStation 3 they have not meant nothing, adding that, they continue studying the different possibilities that the console of Sony offers."

Update 1: 28 December = 1 April in Spain , so the story has now been confirmed as a spanish prank.

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DixieNormS5246d ago

Then I will just have to go fap. Thank you very much.

devv055246d ago

I really hope its true.

InMyOpinion5246d ago

Would'nt surprise me if the 360 is capable of directx 10.

DC RID3R5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

not to under-estimate the 360's architecture!
nvidia, have recently released their dx10 gpu's (8800 series). ati (nvidia's main rival and LEADING gpu designers) will shortly release their dx 10 offering, the r600!!
this beast is a 512 bit external memory bus gpu, and features UNIFIED shaders( the same shaders first pioneerd by the 360's xenon gpu).
the 360's gpu features many of the r600 architecture, just not enough to actually label it a dx 10 gpu.
sony's answer to this is the open GL tech.
you can see this tech in games released so far i.e the backgrounds and mud effects in motorstorm, enhanced particle effects in f1 etc. these visual effects are pretty impressive(although nvidia COULD have included dx10 architecture), and is what sony is banking on to try and differantiate the ps3's visual calibre to the 360's.
but the thing is, dx 10 is ALL that plus a whole new bag of chips! hard to beleive this is an ingame gt-r screenshot for the pc, but dx10 pwn5!
i find it funny how ms and ati have remained very quiet on the dx10 front. i think they're waiting for sony to show all their hands, and then go for the kill!
first to the market with bett3r tech own5!
here's a link to the upcoming ati r600 gpu.
this monster's a killer and i think will quite easily beat-up nvidia's offering!

my only slight niggle with teh 360 is that a lot of games released are not locked @ 60 fps.
i'd like to see that changed a.s.a.p

xfrgtr5246d ago (Edited 5246d ago )

The 360 grafic card is absolutely not dx10,you just wish.

DJ5245d ago

it's more powerful than DX 10 (despite being DX 9 based). Normally I'd just let 'em think that they have the more powerful console, but the whiny attitude about it is just annoying.

CAPS LOCK5246d ago

that ps3 could handle this game as well, but they need to know the hardware better in order to fully utilize it.

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The story is too old to be commented.