Poor Speed Racer movie hindered our game, says Sidhe Interactive

Jos Ruffel, business development executive at Sidhe Interactive, has spoken out about the company's experience creating the Speed Racer game, saying the title's success was hampered by the movie's poor reviews.

Speaking on the Licensed Game Process panel at GCDC, Ruffel discussed what it was like to develop a game based upon a movie license which was better received. He explained that, despite overall good reviews, the game suffered from the unpopularity of its film counterpart.

"When you make a game based on a license you really are playing roulette - you don't know how the film is going play out in the market," he said.

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sinncross3716d ago

please, dont blame the movie u lame excuse for a developing body.

Panthers3716d ago

Well I mean when devs cant make good games from good movies, how do they expect to do it from bad ones lol.

REbirth3716d ago

chronicles of riddick is an example of a bad movie that made a gr8 video game!
and the lamest excuse is the dev tell that the game was bad cus the movie was bad

rbanke3716d ago

Gripshift is the only game i've played from them and i love it.

If the problem is good game/bad movie whynot reuse the game idea and engine for a new game with new graphics/theme? If it's a good game on it's own merit, it's a good way to 'reissue' the same idea without the 'bad movie' stigma.

spandexxking3716d ago

but then that would be cheating! but it would of been a good idea since gripshift was pretty damn good.

Andras843716d ago

A new level of terribleness!!! (yes I just invented that word and I will copyright it too) :D

Smacktard3716d ago

Hey, I "invent" words that already exist, too! Like Israel. I made that one up just now. It's a funny one!

proArchy3716d ago

This guy should stick to comedy cause at least he's good at making me laugh.

Nitrowolf23716d ago

OMG, the game looked crappy anyway, and the movi looked extremly gay

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