1UP: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince Preview

You know how there's a Harry Potter game on pretty much every conceivable system on the market? Did you know that every time you purchased one of these games, you were secretly voting with your dollar about what system the developers should focus on? Since so many of you (or your relatives, if you don't want to take the blame yourself) bought Order of the Phoenix for the Wii last year, the folks at EA actually decided to make the Wii version of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince the lead version. And from the brief time we spent with the game at a recent EA press event, the focused effort is noticeable -- at least graphically. Sure, the Hogwarts grounds won't look quite as stunning as the game's PS3/360 counterparts, but you can definitely tell that more work has been put into this Potter game, as animations look smoother, and you can now use the camera to look around the environment (last year's game didn't need full environments since you couldn't really control the camera).

And, of course, with more attention placed upon the Wii version, we're hoping that the motion controls get an upgrade as well. We only played through a few of Half-Blood Prince's minigames, so we can't comment yet on how the controls feel in the story mode (though you should expect the same free-form exploration of Hogwarts as in last year's game, complete with Wii Remote flicks and twirls), but so far, so good.

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