Is SEGA Actually Teasing Sonic Adventure 3?

While the official Twitter account for Sonic the Hedgehog usually posts great things, their latest post seems to transcend them all.

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Yumekichigai1070d ago

It could be just an April fools joke or it could be something amazing

Neonridr1070d ago

little early for April Fools no?

ShinMaster1070d ago

How much different could it be from their more recent games?

They've been trying to recreate the success of the first two Adventure games and failing ever since (I enjoyed Colors tho).

Will the title change make all the difference?

Picnic1069d ago

Apart from a karting game, Sega have always done everything earlier than anyone else.

The 10th Rider1069d ago


The core sonic team has been doing a great job lately. Colours, Generations, even Sonic Unleashed nailed the daytime levels. Other than that, there's Sonic Lost World, which was okay.

This new one has been in development a lot longer than any of the others, as well. Sonic has had a lot of bad apples, but I doubt this next game will be one of them.

donwel1070d ago

Pretty comitted for an April fools joke. But then the guy running the StH twitter account is nothing if not committed to a joke.

Yukes1070d ago

Most...convoluted...April fools...ever!

WonderboyIII1069d ago (Edited 1069d ago )

After Sammy bought SEGA, Rnd in SEGA changes to be aligned with the new global parent strategies. SEGA based Rnd on independent Studio frameworks that allowed each studio to be unique. This created Sega Wow, Sega AM2, Hitmaker, Amusement Vision, Smilebit, Sonic Team. Each studio excelled and created some of SEGA's greatest games ever. in 2004 after the take over, they merged them all and creative leads left.

In Short, SEGA today is not the SEGA of yesterday. So lets stop pretending they are. It is a different company.

"For the better half of the first decade of the holding's existence it has sought the arcade machine sales of Sega, and the pachinko sales of Sammy, as its biggest financial incentive. However a shift happened in the 2010s, leading to the "Group Structure Reform" in 2015. Casinos, resorts and digital games are now the biggest financial incentives. Arcade sales and packaged games from Sega has softened, while further growth in pachinko sales is not anticipated.[5]"

Foraoise1069d ago

those are the only two options, yes. Good job.

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jashtheflash1070d ago

It could very well just be the real deal! buckle up folks

Hoffmann1070d ago (Edited 1070d ago )

They mentioned a big Sonic Project for 2016 back in early 2015 already.

InMyOpinion1070d ago

Sonic Adventure has always been in 3D. This looks more like a continuation of the episodic Sonic 4 games.

Revolt131070d ago

Give me Sonic Adventure 3!! Plzzz deliver

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