Kojima : no more ''back-to-the-wall'' for Snake?

Quite interesting. Xgrayninja posts in the IGN Boards what he claims are snippets of an interview between Gamepro and Hideo Kojima, but we can't seem to find the said interview at GamePro (exclusive to the GamePro mag, maybe?). According to one snippet, the centerfold-quality "back-to-the-wall" stealth pose Snake pulls in prior outings is gone. Hideo, elaborates:

(The signature Snake pose) rarely happens on the battlefield. Nobody is cool enough to hide like that. By eliminating this move, it's more like real life. Snake can hide behind something, then sneak a peek and shoot. There are more actions to it, and it's smoother that way.

Caxtus7506416d ago

lol no one buy it until they change it!!

*sniff* I loved the stealthing humph.

Ah well my work well-games need a change dont they :)

shysun6416d ago

I just can't wait for this damn game!

calderra6416d ago

I think the point is that Snake will stop standing impossibly flat against walls and start shouldering up to them instead. MGS taking tips from GOW, perhaps? Sounds like it to me.

Also, I'm guessing part of the reason would be to mess with active camo. Game devs (especially in Japan) always spend way too much time screwing you over for getting cool new upgrades. So you'll get active camo to make you invisible, but Snake's body will be jutting out from the wall so now guards will probably always just "happen" to walk close enough to walls to bump into you.

See also: Now you can eat animals to stay alive, but there's a limited amount of food and most of it's hidden so that by the time you fill up you've probably ensured there's no reasonable way to complete the level. And even if you do, you'll hear the main character b*** about being hungry for half the level. Sound familiar to anyone?

Odiah6416d ago

because Snake couldn't drag bodies. Wtf

The_Firestarter6416d ago

You're missing out. MGS3 is f***ing legendary. Your pride pushes you away from a perfect MGS game? Then you're not a true MGS fan.

OutpostCommand6416d ago

what are you talking about ?

Snake can drag bodies in MGS3.

OutLaw6416d ago

I responded to your question if you want to go and read it.

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Far Cry Has Become A Shadow Of Its Former Self

Following a series of repetitive games, a formulaic approach, and a disappointing last entry, the Far Cry series has been run into the ground.

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JEECE1d 14h ago

The trouble with most criticisms of this franchise is that they insist Far Cry 3 was the best game, but the things they claim to hate about the franchise are all the elements that 3 introduced.

Deeeeznuuuts1d 14h ago

Couldn't agree with you more! I've always thought that, my personal favourite is two, the whole atmosphere, mystery, adrenaline, my vehicle steaming up because I've crashed too many times trying to escape and then getting in a shootout, having to pull a bullet out my arm while fire rages and bullets fly, can't beat it

JEECE1d 14h ago

Yep, 2 is my favorite by far as well, and one of my favorite singleplayer games of all time. It was probably one of the last games Ubisoft made before they started homogenizing their franchises to be open world collect-a-thons with unnecessary RPG mechanics tacked on. I enjoyed 3 for what it was, but it was clearly an attempt to make the franchise appeal to a mass audience (which, in fairness, was successful).

LucasRuinedChildhood1d 11h ago

That's not the issue. If Far Cry 3 never existed and they just made another 5 or 6 games that were increasingly generic copies of Far Cry 2 instead, would that make FC2 the real problem?

No. It's the lack of creativity and effort that followed that's the real issue.

And there are things that are genuinely different about FC3. Simple example - the story was easily the best. Best main villain by far too but it also has strong themes and wasn't afraid to explore controversial topics. The sequels are much blander.

Comparing the fun and creativity of Blood Dragon to the DLC in the sequels ... also says a lot about how Ubisoft fell off.

-Foxtrot1d 8h ago

Yeah like even Far Cry 4 was decent, not as great as FC3 but they still gave us an interesting story, setting and villain. Pagan Min's random calls to Ajay were pretty funny.

They just got lazier and lazier, pumping them out while making it a little more streamlined each time. I mean Jesus, they gave us a silent protagonist with FC5 which really hurt the main story and are obsessed with pleasing everyone by trying to do two characters, male and female rather than just settling on one to tell the best story they can.

neutralgamer19921d 3h ago

I started FC6 and yes the game works fine but I just wssnt Fun. Do many Ubi games are huge playgrounds but feel empty and doesn't give the feeling of a world which is lived in

JEECE15h ago

I have found that the more recent FC games work better as what I call "background games." Basically what I mean is it's nice to have an active save in one of them going for those times you have 45 minutes to play games and just want to have fun and don't want to get bogged down playing a game online or starting a new game and spending all your time into an annoying tutorial. Like I haven't touched FC4 in years but I know if I had 30 minutes to an hour to play I could hop in and easily be back in the swing of things and attack an outpost and have a good time.

I think a lot of people use big RPGs like Skyrim or Cyberpunk in a similar way.

isarai1d 2h ago

Yes because FC3 executed those aspects better. Every game since FC3 has just been Frankensteined off the bones of FC3 with half the effort.

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Michiel19891d 14h ago

you could say it's a far cry from what it was

wesnytsfs1d 13h ago

Ubisoft gets a lot of hate for their content filling of maps. Personally I enjoy the mechanic when i play an open world game I like revealing hte entire map and doing all the side mission stuff before i go into main missions. Far Cry and the RPG AC maps where a joy to play.

RaidenBlack1d 11h ago

Far Cry 2 was soo unique ... it was ahead of its time and is often misunderstood (thank you Clint Hocking, can't wait for his next game Assassins Creed Hexe)
(yes, FC2 was a departure from from FC1, so in strictest sense, Crysis 1 & 3 are the truer successors)

JEECE1d 11h ago

Yep. Unfortunately there has been so little since then that has scratched the same itch. Really the closest thing has been BOTW, which uses a lot of similar systems (though ironically FC2 came out before Ubisoft put the Assassin's Creed towers in Far Cry, while BOTW had Ubi towers). Obviously it isn't a shooter though. I keep hoping that that some indie dev will put an FC2-esque game out on Steam, but so far I've been left wanting.

Sircolby451d 11h ago

I actually enjoyed Far Cry 5 and New Dawn. Far Cry 6 was a joke. It was a step backwards in every way. That was probably the worst Far Cry I have ever played.