Kojima : no more ''back-to-the-wall'' for Snake?

Quite interesting. Xgrayninja posts in the IGN Boards what he claims are snippets of an interview between Gamepro and Hideo Kojima, but we can't seem to find the said interview at GamePro (exclusive to the GamePro mag, maybe?). According to one snippet, the centerfold-quality "back-to-the-wall" stealth pose Snake pulls in prior outings is gone. Hideo, elaborates:

(The signature Snake pose) rarely happens on the battlefield. Nobody is cool enough to hide like that. By eliminating this move, it's more like real life. Snake can hide behind something, then sneak a peek and shoot. There are more actions to it, and it's smoother that way.

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Caxtus7505245d ago

lol no one buy it until they change it!!

*sniff* I loved the stealthing humph.

Ah well my work well-games need a change dont they :)

shysun5244d ago

I just can't wait for this damn game!

calderra5244d ago

I think the point is that Snake will stop standing impossibly flat against walls and start shouldering up to them instead. MGS taking tips from GOW, perhaps? Sounds like it to me.

Also, I'm guessing part of the reason would be to mess with active camo. Game devs (especially in Japan) always spend way too much time screwing you over for getting cool new upgrades. So you'll get active camo to make you invisible, but Snake's body will be jutting out from the wall so now guards will probably always just "happen" to walk close enough to walls to bump into you.

See also: Now you can eat animals to stay alive, but there's a limited amount of food and most of it's hidden so that by the time you fill up you've probably ensured there's no reasonable way to complete the level. And even if you do, you'll hear the main character b*** about being hungry for half the level. Sound familiar to anyone?

Odiah5244d ago

because Snake couldn't drag bodies. Wtf

The_Firestarter5244d ago

You're missing out. MGS3 is f***ing legendary. Your pride pushes you away from a perfect MGS game? Then you're not a true MGS fan.

OutpostCommand5244d ago

what are you talking about ?

Snake can drag bodies in MGS3.

OutLaw5244d ago

I responded to your question if you want to go and read it.

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