New: Call of Duty World at War Gameplay Video

A new gameplay video for Call of Duty 5 called Banzai Gameplay.

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C_SoL3738d ago

looks good.....animations look better.......especially when someone gets blown by a grenade, they actually fly up in the air unlike COD4.....

marinelife93738d ago

It must be SD video feed because it doesn't look impressive. I thought it would look better than COD4.

Rofflecopter3738d ago

to be honest, im extremely surprised. just not in a good way. It looks just like CoD4, but the knifing sprinting and reload animations look slightly worse. not to mention the textures on the weapons look rather bland (but ill blame that on SD streaming for now..) looks like treyarch's big brother Infinity Ward did all the work.. Hells highway may not look as good and may flop, but at least they did the work on their own. ill rent this, then happily wait for infinity ward's next installment.

peksi3738d ago

..but the opponents AI gave me a bit of a smile. I wish frontline battles were always that easy :)

But I suppose too much realism might kill all the fun?

grantps33738d ago

not impressed

it looks good but. to me it seems like its lacking something

chaosatom3333738d ago

And I was thinking that it could look better than cod4, but looks the same.

badz1493738d ago

totally not impressed! and when I watched it, feel like I've seen it somewhere before! there was absolutely no CoD4 effect at all! I really think that Treyarch is not as good as IW at this!

zenkai3738d ago

looks bad and outdated I want my Killzone2!

Kleptic3738d ago

yeah thats what I was thinking...Looks below average imo, but that is most likely because i have been watching that new KZ2 MP trailer all day...non stop...

socomnick3738d ago

Ok first things first it looks like any other cod game. You run up a linear path taking out waves and waves of regenerating enemies. Typical garbage last gen gameplay. I must say though Treyarch really surprised me they have better animations in this than in cod 4, I loved the ragdolls when the guy got grenaded and I love the gore I think I saw in the beginning. The negative thing I saw is how the guns feel weak and low powered. They must have a horrible military adviser because that Browning automatic rifle and that M1 garand are both firing 30-06 rounds huge rounds that pack amazing firepower. They also had big recoil. I would like more recoil and perhaps more 1 shot kills if they shoot the guys to the chest.

dexter4423738d ago

AI is terrible, I mean seriously, an absolute abomination

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The story is too old to be commented.