15 Best Upcoming PS4 Games in 2016

Chillopedia: As the leading video game console, nothing beats PlayStation 4 when it comes to spending quality time in gaming. From action packed adventures to epic violent entertainment, here is the list of the best upcoming PS4 games in 2016.

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---Virginie2482d ago

Waiting for those game ! :D

_-EDMIX-_2481d ago

Keep forgetting about Tekken 7!

Tobsesan2481d ago

Ac, hitman, far cry and battleborne look meh. Not hyped at all.

littlezizu2481d ago

Ps4 had a great start with Witness, Gravity Rush and Firewatch all three was critically acclaimed.
With more awesome games on the way, 2016 is gonna be a blast for ps4 owners.

Relientk772481d ago

Homefront 2 really? Lol

Can't wait for Horizon Zero Dawn, Dishonored 2, Uncharted 4, Ratchet & Clank, The Last Guardian, and all the JRPGs coming

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