OXM Online: Too Human Review

For all the hubbub over this game's lengthy development cycle (it was originally announced for the first PlayStation) and various inflammatory remarks by creator Denis Dyack, it's surprising that the most remarkable thing about Too Human is just how unremarkable the final product seems.

Slated as the first entry in an intended trilogy, Too Human certainly has a strong dungeon-crawling foundation that draws from genre touchstones like Diablo and Phantasy Star Online. Gamers fond of loot-hunting and level-grinding will find plenty of both, plus incredible item and character customization to boot. Silicon Knights put a noticeable focus on amping up the "action" part of the typical action/RPG experience, and the result is something akin to Devil May Cry Lite. The speedy melee attacks (based on the right thumbstick) feel comfortable after an initial adjustment period, while the trigger-mapped firearms offer a suitable ranged complement.

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dkgshiz3711d ago

I mean seriously, this game is just ass

InMyOpinion3711d ago

Another intelligent comment coming from a PS3 fanboy.

cr33ping_death3711d ago

another piece of spam posted by jenzo.....hes posted the same sh!t iver and over, i think some people have finally gotten to him. reported as spam.

InMyOpinion3711d ago

This is the open zone, quit whining.

You guys spam each and every 360 related article with your "Teh RROD, CrapzBox 3FixMe".

hay3711d ago

Hairy balls of the gods, this game cannot be that bad! I wonder how gamers will rate it.

silverchode3711d ago

hey mods should mart get banned from the gamerzone for talking about nasim?

MarkyUK3711d ago

I feel sorry for the developers who have spent 10 years trying to complete this game, only to witness these poor review scores. Then again, it may still sell quite well. Who knows?

badz1493711d ago

I think it will still sell decently. 360 gamers do buy games especially this kind of over-hyped exclusives. so I don't think SK should be worried though and plus M$ has stated their dedication in still bringing the franchise to be a trilogy.

Road Dog3711d ago


And PS3 gamers didn't buy over a million units of Haze?

Stupid purchase decisions are not restricted to 360 gamers thank you.

badz1493710d ago

Haze sold more than 1 million? really? any source for that?(but please no VGChartz) seriously I didn't know that! I thought Lair and Haze just sold decently to this date.

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