Destiny: you have almost no chance of hitting 320 without Challenge Mode and events

Destiny players aiming to hit the Light level cap won’t get there just by running Hard Mode raids. Destiny: The Taken King rejigged the shared-world shooter’s levelling system.

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masterfox2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

this what I think of their 320 light nonsense:

Bungie knows after a player reaches 320 the player most certainly will stop playing Destiny, instead of adding value to the game they add repetitive mission/events/raids nonsense in such way you will be forced to play if you want to go 320.

Good thing I'm cure from this game.

blitz06232000d ago

I hit 320 about a month ago and still regularly play it for PvP and I'm not happy about it. It's difficult trying to get off the game :/ If only Uncharted 4 came a lot sooner...

The_Eternal_one2000d ago

Yup I stopped playing 4 months ago once I hit 316 as I saw no point in playing the same thing over and over again in hopes to get to 320 when there isn't anything in the game that requires you to be 320.

kbozz712000d ago

Stopped playing after the last Iron Banner...Almost 10 days Destiny free. It feels good, really good.

Aceman182000d ago

I stopped at 305 with both my characters, and I haven't played this game in 4 months. I probably won't ever go back to it either.

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Neonridr2002d ago

I am 319 across the board with my characters. Didn't do sparrow racing which I am regretting as it would have been a way to maybe get my helmets maxed out.

Getting a 320 ghost or class item is total chance, so who knows when I will be able to get one of those..

Themba762001d ago (Edited 2001d ago )

i got a 320 character had for a while now and i'm still playing because i want another 320 just need a 320 mark and i'll have a second

Umbasa2000d ago

Hey Destiny! You have almost no chance of getting me back with no proper raid finder.

Joe9132000d ago

I stopped at 305 haven't played in 2 months love the gameplay don't mind the repetitiveness as much as most but I hate the fact it is so hard to level up. If it was as easy as before to lvl up I would lvl up and keep playing but because of how they have it I will play only if they have special events maybe the event that is going on now I am not that excited about.