Why Fallout 4 Is Better Than Skyrim

It’s a drastic change from the icy northern kingdom of Tamriel – which was widely agreed to be Bethesda's best work since the studio’s opening – but the Lone Wanderer just about trumps the Dragonborn.

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CoNn3r_B1998d ago

Point 1: No!
Point 2: Only on PC, No!
Point 3: No!
Point 4: That dog is the worst thing about that game, I wanted to feed him to a bloody deathclaw, in summary No!
Point 5: Don't have a choice so the point is moot, basically No!
Point 6: I'll give you that one.

Summary: 1/6
Grade: No!

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Smitty20201997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I enjoyed skyrim more than fallout 4 I felt more connected to skyrim

esmittystud1011997d ago

I tried playing both.........couldn't do it. I never finished Fallout 3 years ago. So glad I never made a purchase on Fallout 4. Played at a friends house for a whole weekend, probably around six-eight hours of play, but still, nothing I'm putting alot of time in and with these games if your not all in its not even worth the time or money.

Now take other games, like The Witcher 3 or Bloodborne. I can play those all day, every day. Love them. Both are my games of the year.

Jmanzare1997d ago

I love both games but I like the es series better. It might just be nostalgia but that world is just so amazing to me. That being said I liked Oblivion more than skyrim