XCOM 2 advanced tips and advice on how to get through the mid and late game

After beating XCOM 2 in Commander Difficulty, these are some of the tips, I (Jack Davis, The Gaming Ground) came up with after learning some very tough lessons. So, "hopefully" my tips and advice will be of use for you.

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Simon_the_sorcerer2002d ago

Ah, this should come in handy for sure =)

TGG_overlord2002d ago

I gave it to my brother, since he picked up the game on release for PC.

Tdmd2002d ago

Why does this have console tags and is on the ps4 section of the site? I thought it was a pc exclusive. Did that changed?

TGG_overlord2002d ago

That was my bad, and the story got approved before I had a chance to change it. And that´s correct. However, XCOm 2 will probably be released to PS4 and Xbox One sometime in the future. As most format exclusives tend to be exclusive for a limited time only nowadays.