GameZone: Mobile Battles Reign of Swords Interview

Mobile games don't usually get a simultaneous release on phones and PC, primarily due to the discrepancies in power. That wasn't a big concern for Punch Entertainment, Inc., the developer of Mobile Battles: Reign of Swords, a new strategy game designed for both platforms.

"We pursued a game for both platforms because we wanted to deliver on the promise of gaming-on-the-go, or taking your gameplay experience with you when you were away from your PC/console, while still offering the deeper game experience that you would find on your PC," said Tobin Lent, Founder and CEO of Punch Entertainment, Inc. "Reign achieves this as the players can play the PC version for more time and control-intensive activities, but can use the mobile version to view battle results, issue challenges, respond to challenges, check their buddies' standings etc. It's really a nice balance between the two platforms and we haven't seen this anywhere else."

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