Sub-$250 Blu-ray Player Coming by Year End, says Analyst

By the end of the year, Blu-ray Disc movies are expected to sell 400% more than they did just one year ago, driven in large part by PS3 sales. Perhaps even more encouraging for non-PS3 owners: a cheap Blu-ray Disc player coming by year's end.

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ferdus-hutki-shira3713d ago

I agree becuase NEC found a breakthrough way to make Blu-Ray cheaper

kalistyles3713d ago

Well you can get the Insignia Blu Ray player now at Best Buy for $279.99. So its bound to happen by the end of the year.

TOSgamer3713d ago

You can buy a blu-ray rom drive for your PC for $105 now.

DFresh3713d ago

Get it down to $200 or $150 and Blu-ray will takeover as the main format.
Just like what happened w/ the VHS so will the DVD meet the same fate it'll get replaced by a better format.