YIIK Will Be Cross-Buy and Cross-Save on PS4 & Vita

"In a world where we see “cross buy” a lot less frequently than we were led to believe we would, there’s at least this turn-based RPG to look forward to. During a podcast/interview with Ackk Studios, makers of YIIK: A Postmodern RPG, I asked co-director and composer Andrew Allanson [about it]." -PSLS

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Loktai2792d ago

Article starts off ridiculous. A shit load of games are cross buy.

FallenAngel19842792d ago

Many games are in fact Cross-Buy on PlayStation platforms these days. Idk why BS this article is trying to spout


The post-modern adventure/RPG "YIIK I.V" is coming to PC, PS4, and the Nintendo Switch in 2022

""YIIK I.V", the definitive version of surreal adventure "YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG" from Ysbryd Games and Ackk Studios, enters our reality in 2022 on Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Steam and GOG for PC." - Ysbryd Games and Ackk Studios.

FinalAeonX1374d ago

Modern Warfare is overrated mediocre trash. If it didn't have the MW name everyone would be shitting on it.

FreakyFox1374d ago

Anthem was not that bad, but killing the same enemies and loading times , i could see why folks would rage at that. I did'nt pay full price for the game i played it through Origin Access, if i did i would be spitting nails.

william_cade1374d ago

I almost bit on CoD:MW. So, glad I didn't.

1373d ago

YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG Will Receive Updates in 2020

Hardcore Gamer: Almost an entire year ago, YIIK: A Post-Modern RPG released to some moderate praise and reviews. But along with those came lots of criticism both about the game and its creators. Hopefully, news of updates will help YIIK in many ways.

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Rangerman12081385d ago

Hopefully this means the combat will no longer be so monotonous.