Uncharted 4 Actress Responds to Racial Casting Controversy

Uncharted 4's last trailer debuted a South African character, voiced by someone clearly not South African. Now, the actress gives her own two cents.

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-Foxtrot1992d ago

If there was a black actor playing a white role...nobody would bat an eye lid.

But if it's the other way round the whole world has got to freak out.

GigawattConduit1992d ago

Well, it's different because the instances where a POC has "taken" a role from a white person isn't near the amount of roles where a white person has taken a role from a POC. Like, the numbers are astronomically different.

-Foxtrot1992d ago

Usually though in the industry, especially films we get more casting which has a character changed from a white character to a black one...the worst part about it isn't really about the race it's more to do with the fact that there are actually established characters in whatever "universe" they are adapting which they could play instead.

For example Will Smith as Deadshot in Suicide Squad. There is a character called Bronze Tiger which Smith could have played but instead they felt the need to have him as Deadshot, not just a white character aswell but a character who is wearing a mask 95% of the time...this now means they will probably only have the mask on in the battle sequences. I mean no way are they going to cover Will Smiths face up, he's their big star for marketing material. In the end he could have played Bronze Tiger while a less known actor plays Deadshot wearing the mask all the time.

Ripcord (G.I Joe), Alicia Masters/Johnny Storm (Fantastic Four/Reboot), Wasabi Big Hero Six, Perry White (Man of Steel), Electro (Amazing Spiderman 2), Heimdall (Thor), The Ancient One (Doctor Strange and gender swapped) Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Stage play)

I could go on.

I personally think though if a character is established as a certain race (or gender) then stick to it. It's not like you can't find a great actor who can not only act but looks like the role aswell.

thorstein1992d ago

I think this issue gets played up way too much in the USA.

Movies and video games made in other English speaking countries employ the best actor for the role. That simple. Only in the USA is this a big deal.

itBourne1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

It is getting tiresome for me... you should not change an established characters race/character/personality. If they rebooted blade, and made him white, can you imagine the uproar. The dragonball z live action movie, was beyond horrible, I could give two shits that it was a white guy, I cared more on the fact that Goku didnt exist in the movie. The Character GOKU was non existent, trait and personality wise. I think Michael B Jordan is an awesome actor, enjoyed him in Friday Night Lights and I love Chronicle.. but why in the hell is he playing Johnny Storm? For that check mark.

The other problem is, none of this comes down to race, it comes down to black people. Black characters are literally being thrown into things just to check that mark. Why is there not an uproar for Asians or Latinos?

maniacmayhem1992d ago

So how did the mythos of Johnny Storm change when he was changed from white to black?

How did any of the origins of your favorite fictional super hero comic book character change when their race was changed?

Maybe a lot of these comic companies are doing this because 98.9 percent of their heroes are white and ...hmmmm...i don't know they want to diversify themselves a little.

I think it's hilarious that you and foxtrot would have such an issue with this.

NukaCola1992d ago

Half the Hill Billies in The Walking Dead are English/Aussies so... who cares? Just shows that these people are extremely talented in bringing the character to life and believable at it.

Cleveland Brown is not voiced by a black guy, but no one cares... Hey Hey Ya'll!

UltraNova1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )


Even though I kinda agree with you I cant help but think that they could diversify by creating entirely new characters not changing established ones, you know the right way to do this.

That said let me ask you something, would it feel right to you if DC changed Superman or Batman, or if Marvel changed Spider man's or Thor's race?

Personally, I cant even imagine Blade or Spawn being white (2 of my fav characters)cause they are are perfectly built as characters as is...

Lets be honest here, if it works you don't try fixing it.

Lordani661992d ago

"Well, it's different (...)"

Maybe because there are more white people in USA or wherever the voice acting is done so it's clearly easier to get a good actress that is white? I remember one of the female voice actress in one GTA game (don't remember which one) was black and she played the role of a white woman, and I thought it was cool because she really sounded like a white person, so there was no problem with it for me, and I'm white. But of course if it's the othr way around - everyone's going ape ****.

Nivalis1992d ago

who exactly was this role "taken" from?, they cast people and made their choice based on the talent not the skin colour.

Do you honestly think the casting director gives two shits about the colour of a voice actors skin as long as their voice acting is on point?

Because guess what, they don't.

morganfell1992d ago

"So how did the mythos of Johnny Storm change when he was changed from white to black"

Because they were brother and sister. Not one of them adopted. Blood. Blood is thicker than water.

And Nick Fury would only use the word Yo when it was immediately and directly followed by another Yo and and he was referring to a bureaucrat.

thekhurg1992d ago

Making news of nothing important.


jambola1992d ago

I think the fact you're saying "white people" and "POC" kind of adds to fox's point

PX541992d ago

@morganfell Explain to me how in the previous F4 film Chris Evans and Jessica Alba were considered brother and sister given their different races...I don't see you making an uproar over that.

Voice acting is different to on screen acting, you can cast whoever you think gives the best voice to the character (take The Simpsons for example). While on screen (especially when doing a book or comic) everyone already has an idea of what the character looks like, so someone's always going to take issue.
To be honest though the actors race/nationality portraying the character doesn't bother me at all, so long as you get the best person for the role. It's not taking the role from anyone else unless there was someone better suited to it and they auditioned but were rejected.

morganfell1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )



Try reading next time. I was answering a direct question about a specific movie. He didn't ask about Sue Storm being part Latina, did he? Did you read anything or did you just jump in with both feet. Oh wait, the latter. Had he asked about the first two films I would have answered that as well.

You are complaining about what you perceive as invented controversies and here you are inventing a controversy. Nice.

Kingthrash3601992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

In the US, this racial stuff is normal in everyday life. I'm a black guy in America so trust me when I say it's part of everyday life. Could be suttle, could be blatant but everyday you can expect it. Not just to blacks but to whites Asian matter what it's there no matter who you are it's there.
That said, why are we bringing this up here? Why in my (and many others) escape from the bs? ...I mean besides some idiot cod players lol, why would we need to bring the racial stuff here? I could care less who plays who in my games as long as they act it right. This is a no issue umongst the black community. There are far bigger things to worry about in the US than a voice actor in video games.

ion6661992d ago

Latinos can sometimes blend into white and Arabic roles because a lot of Latinos are white and brown. But there's one thing I can't stand is the fact that a lot of Latino actors are portrayed as the help. Tell me you haven't seen Maria or consuelo as the maid or Juan tend to lawn. That shit makes me sick.

vacoby51992d ago

@foxtrot because the original green latern wasn't black? Lol. I wanted to put a long comment but I just feel its the internet so would it matter, you have your opinion. On a much bigger issue, unfortunately, aside of video games and superhero character roles in movies. Michael Jackson is an actual person, an actual black man, why are they trying to have a white man play him in the upcoming bio movie? But Idris Elba is too black to play Janes Bond (a fictional character)? Lol. You guys don't recognize white privilege and its a shame you think it doesn't exist. Let Denzel Washinton play Elvis if its all fair. I've said my input (at least a small part of it), I'll try not to go back and forth on this.. this post was longer than I thought it would be lol

vacoby51992d ago

@ultranova @thorstein but it feels right to you when they made green latern white? Lol. Read my last post, it won't make you open your mind or anything though. You are who you are

Sevir1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

That's the problem with people so strung up and attached to race, fictional characters can be re-imagined and portrayed by actors of any skin color or race or ethicity, as long as it makes sense for the role and the actor can bring a powerful and convincing performance to the character on screen. It's less a political statement and more of people understanding that talent is talent. If you're offended because a black, Asian, or Hispanic actor plays a white fictional character on screen, or a white actor plays a reimagined fictional black or Hispanic character on screen then you've got racial hang ups you need to address. There is no rule that explicitly states that a white person has to play a white fictional character and so on so forth...

All I'm worried about is that the actors cast do a damn good job of bringing the character to life and gets the personality nailed and acts the role convincingly. There skin color isn't a big deal.

This segregation of everything helps no one and is the silliest thing ever and in this day and age complaining about this industry standard practice shows more of a person's racist under tones and prejudice towards other races and ethnicities that want to leave a positive mark in the acting industry.

Laura did a fantastic job as Nadine and you get the idea that she's a strong willed bad ass character... why on earth should a person complain about the actor playing the role when we get such a convincing and powerful performance?

My words to that way of thinking... grow the f*** up.

Maddens Raiders1992d ago

Typical American race relation problem. The rest of the world progresses along but in 2016 in America it might as well be 1716 the way people react to race relations (or roles in movies) and anything resembling or sounding like (wait for it...) sex on tv. ¬ ¬

deafdani1992d ago

I had to google POC. Seriously? Why don't you just call a black person exactly that... a black person? If you have no problem in calling a white dude a white dude, then you shouldn't have a problem in calling a black dude a black dude.

Ironically, this politically correct "people of color" term ends up sounding more racist than just calling them black people. Or do you call white people "colorless people"? Lol.

rainslacker1991d ago

Care to put those numbers out there? I know it happens from time to time, but are those instances actually numerous, and are they frequent enough to have some sort of quantifiable data that amounts to requiring measurement on an astronomical scale?

Or are you just speaking hyperbolicly in order to incite some sort of social outcry at the injustice being done to...well who actually is being hurt here?

Christopher1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

***Tell me you haven't seen Maria or consuelo as the maid or Juan tend to lawn. That shit makes me sick.***

My wife is from Bolivia. Do you know who most often thinks she's the help? Other hispanics. I got in trouble when we had people over to clean our air ducts and the guy asked her if she was the maid and I couldn't stop laughing. She goes to present at conferences, it's rarely the whites who thinks she works at the Hotel she's staying at. Yet, all the people who interviewed her recently for executive positions are white and had no problem with her gender or race. Heck, the role at the job she's going to start at the end of the month was created just for her because they loved her resume and her experience, not her sex or race.

So, these "preconceptions" aren't just "white" things or anything, they're things that affect everyone regardless of race. But, they don't affect everyone. And, Hollywood is stupid to not realize this as they try to fill these quotas to meet public demand as outlined by media focus.

OT: I honestly don't care so much, but I do agree that instead of doing the overall thing of trying to change everything to meet a quota, how about we focus on those elements that already fill it? Black Panther, The Falcon, and Luke Cage are great examples of this. Damn, Luke Cage was so well cast. Just... perfection.

Having also said that, I really enjoyed Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. I mean, the movie was pretty bad for the most part, but I loved seeing him in that role. But, still, I'd love to see a lot more black super heroes make their way to the TV and movie screens rather than reboot the characters solely to meet a racial quota. I mean, why not have Batman with a new robin who isn't white? I mean, he can adopt more than just white kids.

uth111991d ago

Race is an EXTREMELY hot-button issue in the US. Anything that can remotely be made into a racial controversy is almost guaranteed to be made into a racial controversy. Even if it seems insignificant. It's all the worse today with Twitter & social media in general looking for daily things to be outraged about.

I don't like it, it seems like it's the opposite of a color-blind society to me, but I can't see it changing anytime soon.

dcbronco1991d ago

Foxtrot I kind of agree with what you're saying but on your initial point you're actually wrong. You're looking at it from the standpoint of the genres that interest you. It happens the other way around far more often and has for decades. A glaring recent example is the Hunger Games. The lead character in the books is actually younger and black. Cleopatra is a Nubian but almost always portrayed as white. Several artist and composers are said to have been black but are portrayed in art and film as white. It happens so often there is a phrase for it, white washing.

That said it is a complicated issue. Especially when talking voice. I always thought you could easily tell voices when it comes to race, you can't always. I'm black but my friends always called me white boy because of how I talked and my complexion. I didn't think either was to the extent they implied, later I realized it was.

I had a white friend during a training session. We always sat together and one day I looked at her arm as ours touched and she was two shades lighter than me. She had a nice tan put her race was clear. One day at work someone wanted to tell me something but was really uncomfortable. I assured him it was fine I kinda know what you're going to say. Yup, he said you talk exactly like a white person. And I grew up in the hood hood.

Part of this issue is business. Black people often say they want to see someone that looks like them onscreen. I guess white people feel the same. In comics and SciFi you have people like Gene Roddenberry and Stan Lee who are racially sensitive. Other genres have fewer people like that. Roddenberry had Uhura and Kirk kiss to push society forward. There had never been an interracial kiss on TV before that.

Other cases its star power. Will Smith or Michael Clarke Duncan as Kingpin. The people who really should be complaining are Asians. Even in movies about SciFi or comic books they get screwed.

The key to ending it is to stop focusing on it. I'm like Colbert, I don't see race. I do see quality though and if you put out a half-assed project I will ignore it. Like, for instance, just about anything thing on BET. Or NBC. Fox New is propaganda, I don't watch. You'll find quality programming is usually inclusive because its made by quality people. And quality people don't see race.

Dee_911991d ago

The funniest part about it is, its usually some heavy weight, upper middle class, white women with blue hair complaining about stuff like this.
Trivializing racism is almost just as bad as racism in my book.

Angerfist1991d ago Show
reallyNow1991d ago

Winning a role because you're a more competent actor isn't TAKING a role, its EARNING it. That idiotic notion is one of the problems with SJWs.

reallyNow1991d ago


"Tell me you haven't seen Maria or consuelo as the maid or Juan tend to lawn." Have you been outside before? The guy who does my lawn...Juan. Literally his name. He does fantastic work and has a hilariously strong accent. I love this man. Why is a movie/game being relatable bad? Why are country folk always portrayed as stupid and inbred? Man up and get over your triggers.

UncleJerry1991d ago Show
maniacmayhem1991d ago


*DC changed Superman or Batman, or if Marvel changed Spider man's or Thor's race?*

I wouldn't care since more than likely it would be nothing but a publicity stunt when sales are down. And also look at Marvel now, the new Spider-Man is in fact black and Thor is now a woman.


*Because they were brother and sister. Not one of them adopted. Blood. Blood is thicker than water.*

Not sure if that's a joke or not. Them being adopted and raised as brother and sister can translate into family just as well as if they were blood related.

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GribbleGrunger1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Nobody bats an eyelid because Kratos is played by a black man. Who the hell cares? We need the best actor/actress for the part. The advantage of games is the devs can make the character look the way they want. Do you realise that Jack Black isn't a panda!? No really ... he's NOT a panda! I'm not sure if it's racist though because I haven't calculated the black to white ratio of the pandas markings ...

Edit: Foxtrot ... lol. Come on fella.

-Foxtrot1992d ago

" Do you realise that Jack Black isn't a panda!? No really ... he's NOT a panda!"

Are you trying to make a point of're joking right.

Bathyj1992d ago

I heard that Seth Rogan guy isnt even an alien. Hes human for christsakes.

ravens521992d ago

OK so I don't think it matters when it comes to fictional characters like come on lol. Whether it's super heros or w.e. The only time I see this as an issue is when they are putting out non fictional movies in Egypt and the pharoes and all the Egyptians are white lol. Non fiction is when it counts other than that everyone is the same.

Inzo1992d ago

Exactly, no one cares because TC is the right man for the job.

GribbleGrunger1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Good God, how did my joke turn into this? lol

@at below

deafdani1992d ago


Are you a fox?





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RamRokoO1992d ago ShowReplies(5)
jetlian1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

most charactors are white so if we think like fox 95 percent would be white all the time.

when blacks are cast the industry still finds a white person to play them. How do we know she was the best fit for the job? not the first time an employer lied about why somebody was picked over someone else.

HEY fox why is 95 percent of 'gods of eygpt' movie white lol

This was a day 1 buy now I GOT to wait till its 30-40. Sick of this crap.

DragonKnight1992d ago

Why are you so racist?

Also, you do know that South Africa was under British control for a LONG time and so as a result there are plenty White South Africans right?

ZombieGamerMan1992d ago

This was never a day 1 buy for you because you let something like a VA's race determine the purchase for you.

deafdani1992d ago

Uncharted 4 also has a black actor portraying a white character. But nobody's paying attention to that.

Be more ridiculous, please.

Tito081992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

Let's be honest, the characters of Kratos from GOW, and Vamp from MGS2/4, who are pretty much white, were both played by black actors, it's all a matter of talent, no race, this is why the black community is getting a bit too much of a bad reputation, because of some ignorant people trying to scream "Racism" on everything that they don't see fit.

jetlian1991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

DRAGON explain to me how im being racist! Another thing when did I even mention south africa?

ZOMBIE how do you know what im buying and when? Im getting SF5 next week even though sean is being lighted up. I like globe trotting games and there isnt alot of them. But I refuse to fully support something I find offensive.

Another thing atleast im buying it new!!! All those people mad at MS and SQ over tomb raider claim they wont buy or they will get it once its used.

DEAFDANI No ones talking about the black actress hmmmm I wonder why? Oh nobody knows who the charactor or actress is!!! Maybe they werent important enough to reveal ....idk

Tito no they get a bad rap because whites hate getting caught then try to deflect into another off base arguement. We know for a fact whites put on more color faces than color people putting on white faces.

I see no one mentioning my gods of egypt and the cast is almost all white

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1992d ago
divinealpha1992d ago

People complain all the time about black actor playing white roles , comments saying why is this character black , why does everything have to have diversity. You see that all the time with new movies im not sure if your under a rock

Dee_911991d ago (Edited 1991d ago )

Yea it does happen. People just like to try to play this whole "the other side are hypocrites" role to make themselves actually believe the crap they are talking about.
You have to dig to find some tumblrette complaining about this "issue" but a black storm trooper in the latest Star Wars film, you didn't even have to look to see the plethora of racist comments throughout the internet..
Same for Idris Elba being a hopeful for James Bond, nothing but racist comments and general complaints every time it was brought up. White guy playing shaft, you have to search High and Low to find an actual black person complaining about that crap.

Silly gameAr1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

And, most rational people wouldn't care, or even give this "issue" any attention. This is just another Johnny Storm moment for people to make a big deal out of.

KwietStorm_BLM1992d ago

Yea, there's a reason for that.

94jdh1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

With all the drama going off in the states at the moment (Oscars) about no black actors nominated for their roles and some deciding to boycott as a result. Black actors have won awards previously - it's based on their merits and performance - nothing else.
We have the MOBO awards in the UK, which is Music of Black Origin, and I don't see any white people getting their knickers in a twist over it and spitting their dummy out. Now if there was MOWO awards, what do you think would happen ......

94jdh1992d ago

And I better add, white people do get nominated for MOBO's - it's the title of the awards I'm referring to.

jetlian1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

what are you saying? in the last 50 years only like 5 blacks have won anything major at the oscars. The last 2 years 0 blacks were nominated at all.

Nobody white gets mad because they have other awards to win and two in your second comment you said whites still get nominated so OF COURSE whites wont get mad!!! You beat your own self on this one

DragonKnight1992d ago

Why are you so racist?

Did it ever occur to you that melanin levels should have no bearing on who wins awards? Why should the level of melanin in your skin entitle you to anything? In the animal kingdom, you don't see Black Bears complaining that Grizzlies are hogging all the berries now do you? Nope, because animals know that if they don't take what they find before someone else does, they die.

So then why do you hate black people so much that you think their skin color should determine any accolades rather than legitmate hard work?

ABeastNamedTariq1992d ago

Fam. BET (MOBO as your equivalent) and creations like that, specifically tailored toward black people, were created solely because of the fact that they were being represented in mainstream (white dominated) media. Ya know, kind of like how MTV would only play white bands' music and such until they had to cave because of Michael Jackson's popularity?

94jdh1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

@ jetlian how did I beat myself?

I was referring to the title of the awards not the nominees. If there was a MOWO awards, the community would be up in arms of the title brandishing it racist, irrelevant to any black or white nominees.

Unfortunately positive discrimination has got a grip on society, even the the police force has a Black Police Force Association in the UK, can you imagine if there was a white one?

To me everyone should be treated equal, people shouldn't get a free ride because of race, religion or sex.

jetlian1991d ago

why would I care if there was a white origin of music? Differrent races have their own style. There are the latin grammys. So no there wouldnt be an outrage.

Two most of these shows are white anyway. There no need to bring most whites into light.

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mikeboccher1992d ago

There is a black actor playing a white role in the game, as already told by the team

payikick1992d ago Show
mt1992d ago

Kratos is played by black dude. and everyone is lovin it

uth111991d ago

Darth Vader is another white character voiced by a black man, and everyone loves it.

Dee_911991d ago

John Boyega played a storm trooper, "everybody" hated it.

1988d ago
eferreira1992d ago

There is a black actor playing a white person in uncharted 4. Funny thing is, people are just looking for something to complain about

mhunterjr1992d ago (Edited 1992d ago )

I don't expect you to understand, but minorities have been dealing with unequal representation in entertainment since forever. At one point, if there was ever a black character is was played by a white person in black face, and the role was degrading.

Then there was a time when the only time you'd see a black character on TV was if it was on a network that specifically targeted the black demographic (this is why BET exists. Because all of the other Networks had been failing to create content that was relatable to a large segment of the population, it has nothing to do with excluding white people. It was about targeting an ignored demographic. Please stop the ignorance Payikik) . Before that, a black person finding entertainment that they could identify with was a rarity.Naturally, that also meant jobs for black actors were few and far inbetween. Same for black producers and black directors.

Now that we are seeing some semblance of diversity interms of depictions in entertainment, you think it's unreasonable to think roles should go to minorities who fit the description? Minorities still aren't being recognized for there accomplishments, and apparently still can't get roles that they are more suited for.

I'm not saying ND did anything wrong in this instance (they didn't). But when you look at the landscape, you can see why a minority voice actor would be frustrated.

Again, if you aren't a minority, I don't expect you to understand. But at least try to open your eyes

-Foxtrot1992d ago

" if there was ever a black character is was played by a white person in black face, and the role was degrading "

Funniest role RDJ has ever done.

rainslacker1991d ago

At the same time, most characters are still predominately white. Is it right to simply give those roles to black people to fill some sort of undisclosed quota which doesn't need to be filled?

There is an issue of if black people are properly represented, and if the number of black characters is disproportionately skewed out of their favor, but that really has nothing to do with the casting unless the casting is done from the direction that they don't want black people to have the role due to some racism. That certainly isn't the case here.

There are plenty of instances to show that the changing of a characters race does happen, and there are plenty of instances where a black person plays a white character and vice versa. It would seem, outside of changing the race of a pretty well established character, that most people don't care until it is in some high profile instance such as this, and then they only seem to care when a white person portrays a black person.

I understand where your comment is coming from, but the issue isn't really one related to the casting, rather the representation of minorities within media in general. Minorities have come a long way to have more of their own representation, and they still have a long way to go. However, making a fuss about things like this is not the way to do it. All that can be done is simply provide more actors who can portray the roles with which they're cast, and eventually things will work themselves out because representation is going to be based on the audience which is consuming a particular entertainment product.

I think there are plenty of minorities who get recognized for their which I assume you mean in entertainment given the topic. But I'd rather those accomplishments be based on the merits of their performance rather than the color of their skin. If they get extra points due to their race, then that is only harmful to achieving equality, because it means they don't have to work equally as hard for their recognition.

When it comes to entertainment though, people who decry no recognition in a place which already has a limited recognition format(like the Oscars), and then claim that a black person should be nominated just because, it lessens the recognition of those that were recognized, and assumes that a black person wasn't considered because they're black, dismissing the fact that maybe the black people in contention may just not have been as good as those that were nominated.

mhunterjr1991d ago


I don't take issue with this particular casting. But I understand why people would be frustrated by it, especially if they don't know the story behind it. That's all I'm saying.

As far as changing a characters race, that's not problematic in and of itself. Most characters aren't defined by their race, or rather, there race isn't a central part of their role in the story.

But there is an issue with minorities simply not having roles in the stories being written. And there is also an issue with casting whites to play roles where race is an important part of the character. It happens all the time.

The folks who think this has to do with some double standard that marginalizes white people are being ignorant to the issues at hand.

StrawberryDiesel4201991d ago

And do you see some of the shows that air on BET? Says a lot about the demographic they target.

rainslacker1991d ago

I understand, but the assumption is being made that there were a lot of auditions by black actors for the part, and given that the actors didn't know the character was black, it's hard to say that there were. Even if there were, one has to wonder if the black actors that auditioned were better or equally suited for the part. Both are things that are unknown, and unless they're made known, those being upset about it are basing their anger on pure assumption.

The topic of if enough black actors are given parts, or if there is bias to hire white actors, for whatever reason(racial of otherwise) is a different subject IMO, and likely doesn't apply here. Much of the arguments I see in here are focusing on the wrong issue...perhaps even some of my own at times...but I am simply replying to others sometimes going off topic with a bit of cynicism or sarcasm.

"there race isn't a central part of their role in the story."

I agree, but if a character is black, and a suitable black actor is available, then it makes sense to cast them because there is a difference in viewpoints between different races which can add to the character in some way...although, UC doesn't really follow those themes in the least. In the case of mocap/VA, the actors talent would be paramount over their skin color or looks in general.

"But there is an issue with minorities simply not having roles in the stories being written"

Again, I agree, and would add that many of the ones that are out there are not always that great, or play into stereotypes for the purpose of story tropes. But the issue here seems more that the role was given to a white actor, for the role of a black character. I feel the quote and the topic at hand are two different subjects, with the quote being more about equal or statistically normalized representation, and is something that should be dealt with...but in a responsible and natural fashion, not just to hit the quota mark or seem we see happening at times with much of the female representation topics/characters that we have had the past couple years.

My biggest hope is that the topic of more diverse characters does not go down the path of the current SJW mentality of demanding, condemning, and shaming, and that the discussion can happen naturally, thus the representation happening naturally, like we had before GG/SJW blew up into what it is. It would bring less hostility, and more acceptance, as people's defenses wouldn't be up from the start, and they can just see good characters without the bias of thinking it's done to placate a sub-group of the community.

I feel it's an important topic, just not the topic at hand here.

"The folks who think this has to do with some double standard that marginalizes white people are being ignorant to the issues at hand."

I partially agree. I agree on principal, but I feel it's a bit of an exaggeration. There is merit to the argument that white people simply can't understand the racial issues that minorities go through. That doesn't mean that they can't empathize with that, and when arguments like this crop up, it does come across as some people demanding that they be represented, or given undue recognition/jobs/whatever, and that the white person in question is often this case in their talent and ability to perform the role.

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@strawberrydiesel420 BET targets a rather large demographic with its content ranging from teens to retirees. It depends on what day and time you are watching. Most of the time, it's targeting people in the same age group MTV targets. I'm not sure what you are trying to say about the demographic, but it sounds like you are part of the problem.

@rainslacker I agree many of the topics that have been brought up in the discussion are directly related to this casting, my entire response was a reaction to irrelevant and/or ignorant comments that have been made, including Foxtrots ridiculously ignorant opening statement, and the overwhelming support it got.

The problem with minorities getting recognition in entertainment also stems from a lack of opportunity. Again, this is a thing white people often overlook when they make comments about merit. What are the chances a black person wins best lead actor, when there are so few roles seeking a black lead. Maybe it's true that of the few who were given an opportunity, their performance was bested by their white counterparts, but when you are given far fewer opportunities, that is to be expected. And we aren't just talking Hollywood, this starts back at the academy.

Then there is the issue with the assumption that minorities want to be recognized simply because they are minorities not because they are good. That folks should accept that the decades of snubbing is purely because whites were objectively better at there jobs. In reality, there is a sentiment that these folks were overlooked because they weren't white. Maybe because the subject matter didn't resonate with the judges (who are all white). Maybe it's for other reasons. But when you sit down and watch the performances the snubs are undeniable, and the fact that so many snubs are minorities every year doesn't bode well for the likelihood that it's purely based on performance.

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"If there was a black actor playing a white role...nobody would bat an eye lid."

I guess people already forget the controversy pushed by the Council of Conservative Citizens regarding Idris Elba playing Heimdall back during the first Thor movie.