Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana’s Raksha & Sahad Detailed In Dengeki PlayStation

The latest issue of Dengeki PlayStation introduces two new characters set to join Adol Christin on his adventures in Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana.

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tamriilin2000d ago

I still feel like an idiot trying to pronounce this series' name. Is it Ees? Is it Yiss? WHO KNOWS.

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Kal-V32000d ago

Pronounced Ease (eez), as in "He did that with ease".

Kal-V32000d ago (Edited 2000d ago )

ok, sounds like with an S sound instead of Z.

donwel2000d ago

Watch zero no tsukaima, one of the spells Louise casts has Ys in it and if I'm remembering correctly she pronounces it as we would pronounce "is".

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derkasan2000d ago

Hopefully it'll get localized.

jznrpg2000d ago

Please come west. I have been playing them since pcengine/turbografx 16 days and really enjoyed Celceta on vita.

dead_pixels2000d ago

Gematsu has been credited for the translation of Dengeki PlayStation's piece.

tulholdren2000d ago

Please bring this over will be a day 1. Been playing them since turbo-grafx 16/ NEC days. My PS4 is ready.

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