5 Ways Titanfall 2's Single Player Can Avoid Sucking

It's already been said that Titanfall 2 will have a single player campaign. But what can it do to stand out from the rest?

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PerfidiousSinn1998d ago

Solution: make Titanfall 2 Pacific Rim 2.

GigawattConduit1998d ago

...I like the way you think. Science has shown that monsters+giant robots=success.

1997d ago
OC_MurphysLaw1997d ago

Solution 3...offer more than 3 titan variants and make them customizable with different add on items so they feel more unique.

Paytaa1998d ago

Don't do a cookie cutter Call of Duty/Battlefield campaign if there's going to be one. Make it unique. Single player FPS games have worked many times in the past.

Just has to stand out and not feel tacked on just to appease critics.

GigawattConduit1998d ago

Stealth missions with a Titan could be interesting...maybe.

spicelicka1996d ago

Exactly. None of this linear Micheal Bay shit. Make a campaign that utilizes the Titans in a matter that justifies their scale. So much amazing stuff can be done, all they need to do is put in the resources.

Paytaa1996d ago

Yep. Very tiresome with the same "Follow X Dude" to enable a cinematic that makes your character look at his hands in dismay of what just happened. Then finish the campaign with a jagged crawl to whatever weapon is conveniently placed 5 feet from you to kill the main bad guy.

It was cool in 2007. Not in 2016 when games are capable of so much more.

Look at what Half Life 2 did in 2004 and that is still head and shoulders above what most FPS games do nowadays.

Titanfall just needs a good story and the universe it has is capable of that along with unique level design and openness rather than a linear driveway to a checkpoint.

Free_Fro1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I can just see the people who asked for a campaign mode not playing it. Not finishing it, going straight online.

They will say something about how weak the campaign/story mode is..

sullynathan1997d ago

Same thing happened to battlefield. Battlefield never had a campaign mode until the later titles and EA trying to add one because other shooters had it.

People never play these campaign modes then they complain when it isn't there.

Paytaa1996d ago

Pretty much spot on.

I used to play CoD campaigns until MW3 where it was just terrible.

I have no incentive to play them when the major draw to these games are Multiplayer. Plus 90% of the time the plot is something Michael Bay would come up with or a 12 year old with ADD.

Chaosdreams1997d ago

They have the platform to come out swinging with an insanely good story. Find any good writer and you've got yourself something special. Length matters as well (story wise) so none of this 4 hour cookie cut nonsense. Put other FPS stories to shame and raise the standard. That'll be how Titanfall 2 throws a big punch.

Otherwise, just improve, perfect and add more variety where variety lacked. Basic sequel stuff. Quality over quantity, but with enough quantity to make the quality stand out.

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The story is too old to be commented.