Goodbye Game Trailers – Looking Back At Their Best Shows writes:

''Game Trailer closure represents the changing face of video game cultural. With the growth of independent sites, Youtubers and Twitch, the old guard have struggled to adapt. Now seems as good as time as any to reflect on the importance of ‘GT’ to video game culture.

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-Foxtrot1993d ago

So sad to see them go :|

PixelGateUk1993d ago

It's the end of era. Makes me wonder which site will be next...and who'll pick up the E3 coverage gap they've left

NukaCola1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

GameSpot ran a lot of E3 coverage last year alongside IGN. At the end of day everything is online and hosted by their own selected people, like Adam Sessler and Morgan Webb with Bethesda.

I am a Kinda Funny member and they are the future for my gaming media for the next while anyway.

Godmars2901993d ago

Odd hearing - just now no less - a site like GT going away before Kotaku.

PixelGateUk1993d ago


Aye plenty of other sites covered E3 but GT always had the 'grand' production. I won't miss Ijustine mind

jb2271993d ago

It's a shame too because the most recent talent like Bosman has been some of their best...that latest video that pit the editors against each other in their love/hate of certain games was hands down some of the most genuinely funny stuff I've seen in games media for a bit. All of the GT crew was great (especially before they lost Elyse Willems)....hopefully all of those guys land on their feet & continue careers in games journalism...after IGN got bought out & ran into the ground, GT really filled that void for me w/ gaming sites creating worthwhile video content. Good time for Pixel Gate to pick up the torch?

PixelGateUk1993d ago

@jb227 haha i wish i had the talent to! i'm just some bum who does this as a hobby!

Given the modern market, i wouldn't be shocked to see a lot of them run podcasts etc Pateron is pretty strong for this kinda thing

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PixelGateUk1993d ago

The soon gawker ends the better XD

nosferatuzodd1993d ago (Edited 1993d ago )

I would never sold out to Viacom everything Viacom touched tune to shit
I'm really sad about this :(

_-EDMIX-_1993d ago

Although it is sad to see them go it was an inevitability I'm surprised they lasted this long considering they entered that site when Youtube first started.

Considering their site is merely about the trailers themselves they just couldn't compete with the giant like YouTube.

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ServerBOT1993d ago

They were dead to me long ago when they got bought out and changed their style.

Legion211993d ago

I didn't like the new style either, but their content was still good. Just watched their stuff on YouTube instead.

_-EDMIX-_1993d ago

Ironically you're also saying the main reason why it's likely closing consider you're watching it on YouTube this site just couldn't compete with YouTube.

Watching anything on GameTrailers was just terrible it was just as bad as IGN.

nogoodusernamesleft1993d ago

i only watched avgn on it but now he does it on youtube. i didn't used this site for anything else.

zugdar1993d ago

Pop-fiction and Retrospectives were prime.

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The story is too old to be commented.