Five reasons why The Divsion might bomb

It's a hugely anticipated title, but experiences in the Beta are leaving some players cold. Here are five reasons Tom Clancy's The Division might flop in 2016.

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S2Killinit2294d ago

I'm actually a little worried about the Division. I hope its unfounded.

die_fiend2294d ago

It won't bomb. The beta hardly blew us away but it was enough to justify a purchase.

S2Killinit2294d ago

Agreed. But I was hoping for a breakthrough game when it was first announced, you know.

Kingdomcome2472294d ago

I'm almost certain that it will not come close to bombing. In the end it may not live up to Ubi's sales expectations, but I fully believe that it will do well. For the most part, from what I've read, the people that I've talked with, etc.. it seems as though the Beta actually helped The Division's image quite a bit. I've seen pretty unaminous praise, aside from the usual cut content, downgrade complaints. I enjoyed the Beta, but I'm going to wait a few months to pick it up, just to see how it performs in the wild, and to maybe get a better idea as to what Ubi's true intentions are regarding post launch support.

spence524902294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Oh hush. Tired of the pessimistic attitude towards games nowadays. Just let it come out and see how it does.

sprinterboy2294d ago


Agree buddy, im 40 yrs old been gaming from the beginning, anything above a 6/10 was generally a good game, fast fwd 10 yrs or so and a game is shit if its not 9 or above.
I would liketo see todays gamers be gamers 25/30 yrs ago

2294d ago
Jmanzare2293d ago

It's just progression in technology. I'm sure the people before your generation were saying the same thing when it came to entertainment.

The 10th Rider2294d ago (Edited 2294d ago )

Well I agree with this sentiment to some degree, there has to be a balance. On the flipside it used to be (and still often is) that every single game preview was just a huff-piece for the game . . . Even if the game was absolute trash at the time. I think we need less of both optimism and pessimism in game previews and more honesty.

curtis922294d ago

Seriously... played the beta. Now having withdrawals. I can't wait for this game and I was pretty skeptical about it. I can understand that people are bitter though. Hype often leaves people unsatisfied.

Khaotic2293d ago

Me too man , I love FPS rpgs and I can't wait to dig into the crafting systems. In ESO I Spent a lot of time grinding for crafting skills and materials.


I got withdraws here too... I was also shocked at how much fun I had. I finally got around to buying the gold edition yesterday.

Been along time since I preorders a game...

zombiewombie2294d ago

You have to also see it from the side that a lot of new games have been big let downs so alot of people do have this sentiment. Everyone is a bit more cautious now.

Pongwater2294d ago

"...leaving some players cold"

Can be said about every game that ever existed.

In other words, not exactly a thought provoking opinion.

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Genova842294d ago

Waiting on SLI scaling benchmarks. If it's good, this is a week 1 purchase, just like ROTTR.

thrust2294d ago

Guess it does not matter about the gameplay?

ninsigma2294d ago

They obviously have an sli setup so in that case waiting to see if the devs have properly optimised the game to work with SLI is actually a good idea. No point paying for a game if it's not optimised to work with your rig.

thrust2294d ago

It would still play if sli op or not :/

ninsigma2294d ago

It would but different people value different things. I see lots of pc gamers wouldn't play a game if it doesn't suit their performance wants. Just preferences mate :)

Genova842294d ago

Of course gameplay matters. I made up my mind on that a long time ago. Now I want to push fhe visuals with my rig that is capable of 4k 60 FPS. Right now, it's between far cry primal and this. If this runs well in SLI, I'm buying. If it doesn't I'm waiting for primal. I can't play every game but I like the visually stunning ones. ROTTR in 4k is flipping incredible!

I passed on Arkham Knight and Fallout 4 because SLI either outright didn't work, or didn't work well. I will play them in a year or so when single GPUs are capable of pumping 4k 60 fps.

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Rob_Ko2294d ago

Cancelled preorder after beta, I have a feeling this game will have very little content.

brokenbracket2294d ago

Not sure how people can get a feel for how the content will play out during a beta lol. Just doesn't make sense to me. All these people canceling pre-orders when The Division could turn out to be the best game Ubisoft has ever made. It might not be saying much, but you never know man. A beta is really for stress testing and locating bugs, not for presenting the game to the community.

Lon3wolf2294d ago

I pre-ordered after playing the Beta, what we were given was just a very small slice of things. I liked the overall look an feel of the game and it seems a good title to play drop in/out co op with friends. Different people want/see different things in their game at the end of the day.

Pongwater2294d ago

I preordered and completely paid the game off after simply watching the beta. Looks like great fun to me. The only thing a reasonable person can possibly tell from a beta is whether the basic gameplay appeals to them or not.

ninsigma2294d ago

Gameplay is really quite slick. Played very well.

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