PS3 ISO backup playable thanks to exploit?

Can a backup be played on the PS3? Yes, says Paradox, an Internet release group. Apparently, there's an exploit. Here's what's making the rounds on the Internet:

| cOMPANY : SCEI | rELEASE DATE : 27 Dec 2006 |
| sYSTEM : PlayStation 3 | sIZE : 120 x 100mb |
| tYPE : Racing | vIDEO MODE : NTSC/JAP |
| sUPPLIER : Huey Lewis | cRACKER : Wireless B/G? |
| mEDIA : BLU-RAY | pLAYABLE : Yes they are |

| |
| Happy new year to all members who helped in the past and present! |
| And a question to all, is there a bug in the system software from |
| the playStation 3(R) Yes there is Nothing to add more.. |

What does this mean? Paradox has released a game image (ISO) of Motorstorm (Japanese) and in the NFO file, they say the game image is playable. And that's not the only thing that's making the hacks-and-exploits community smile: earlier, Paradox also said that the first sectors from a PS3 image (sector 0 to 20) are special and may be the decryption keys for the executables...

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MicroGamer5241d ago

So now they have managed to make ISO dumps playable. Everyone put your money into companies that manufacture writable Blu Ray discs because they are going to be selling a LOT of them.

DJ5241d ago

Here come the updates. =P

CAPS LOCK5241d ago

this is very bad for sony, if they manage to hack every firmware (like they did with the psp) then ps3 would fail.

however the file is 15gb and unless u have a blu ray burner then there is no point and the file will take forever to download. i suggest just buying it, its too much hassle.

Pathetic N4G Website5241d ago

Great news for me - bad news for $ony.

Gonna be a Happy New Year, if they actually manage to release it in Europe this decade of course !

Asuka5241d ago

wow, this is going to up Blu-Ray, but going to stink PS3 software sales.

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The story is too old to be commented.