Bounty Hounds - Screens & Features

IN THE FUTURE, HUMANS will have the technology and power to colonise other planets. Problem is, some of these already have their own indigenous life forms. Not one to promote peaceful coexistence, Bounty Hounds is all about making way for the human race.

This third-person combat game sees you don the alien-stompin' boots of Maximillian, leader of the Bounty Hounds: a band of ruthless mercenaries who take it upon themselves to perform "planet cleansing" in preparation for human colonisation. On the surface it seems like a straightforward bug hunt. However in the single-player campaign you will uncover a sinister corporate plot involving the extraterrestrial life forms themselves. Not to worry, though; with a huge array of weapons, you too can enter into meaningful corporate negotiation...

You can expect to see Bounty Hounds here in mid June.

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OutLaw6311d ago

Maybe if I had nothing else to get. I would consider this game.