DRM and Piracy: The Vicious Circle

Tom's Games Writes:

"I have a confession to make: I'm not terribly concerned about digital rights (or "restrictions," depending on who you ask) management, commonly referred to as "DRM." It has absolutely no effect on my decision to buy a game. Since I can feel the fires under me growing as I write this let me also go ahead and say that this is not a pro-DRM column. I recognize the problems with DRM - which we'll get into later - but I'd rather play the games associated with DRM (Mass Effect, BioShock, etc.) than protest the use of it by not buying them. The other option, chosen by far too many, is to stick it to companies that employ DRM by pirating the games that include it out of spite. Unfortunately more piracy leads to stricter DRM which in turn leads to more piracy and so on and so on. DRM and piracy are currently tied together in a self-replicating loop that could affect PC gaming negatively. And that does concern me."

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