ZoKnowsGaming: Madden 2009 Review

Zo Writes:

"After a few years where it seemed that the franchise had become very stagnant, Madden is back and with a vengeance. Even though Madden 2008 was on PS3, it was more of a port over from the PS2 than a full next gen implementation. Therefore, Madden 2009 is the first true next gen Madden and it delivers. While I still have some problems with any game that is on a year to year cycle due to the short development schedule, Madden 2009 is the biggest improvement in the series in at least 5 years.

So I would have gotten this review up earlier but I was in Florida till Friday and dying the whole time because I couldn't wait to get home and get my game on. As soon as I got off the airplane I went straight to Gamestop to pick up my Collector's Edition of Madden 2009 which comes with tons of bonus content as well as the full copy of Head Coach 2009 for the low price of only $89.99 lol. So anyway to the what you are waiting for.. the review."

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