Battalion 1944 Renews Interest in World War 2 Shooters, Now The Wait for a Single Player Game Begins

OnlySP: We’ve been wondering when a team of developers would bring World War 2 over to the next-generation of consoles for quite a while now. Just a few days ago, a new World War 2 FPS was announced by the team at Bulkhead Interactive. The project headed to Kickstarter and has already been funded within the first three days of the campaign.

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Neonridr1993d ago

I was originally going to back this project, but a lack of SP turned me off a bit. Game still looks great, but at this point I have enough MP only games to play with.

UncleJerry1993d ago

I have to somewhat agree. I am still interested despite the lack of a SP, but there are so many other choices and its still too bad that the only big WW2 release we are talking about will only accommodate MP gamers. Still though, I think it looks/sounds cool so far and I am surely backing it.

I just hope this does go over well and maybe some other devs will put out a SP WW2 experience. The tech has come far enough that the true scope of WW2 could now be experienced in ways we haven't really seen yet. Honestly, I could actually live without a MP WW2 game and would be even happier with a SP experience. Still, this game has my interest.

Neonridr1993d ago

yeah, I will still follow the game as it progresses, who knows. I may end up sneaking in a back at the end.. :P

AizenSosuke1993d ago

BT 1944 SP campaign shall begin.

TheColbertinator1993d ago

I need an SP campaign. Stomp out the Nazi scum door to door

Immorals1993d ago

They never should have stopped. Ww2 combat is massively more interesting than the same futuristic crap that gets churned out.

Neonridr1993d ago

well you have to admit by the time we got to Call of Duty 3 there were so many WW2 shooter franchises out there including Medal of Honor, Battlefield and CoD. People were asking for something new and fresh, which we got with the new Call of Duty's and Medal of Honor which went for a modern timeframe.

That being said, no harm in returning back to this timeline to change things up a bit...

JRPG-FAN1993d ago

Backed these guys, cant wait for my console copy :)

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