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Patrick Kennedy from BagoGames writes: It seems as though Capcom is biding its time when it comes to revealing–or even mentioning–a hint of Resident Evil 7. For the time being though, many of the classic titles have been brought back from the dead in the form of remasters, such as Resident Evil HD or the planned Resident Evil 2 remaster. So we must ask; Is this a good thing? Remember, not all of the RE series was good. Many brought forward new ideas and dynamics that could have benefited the series, but the likes of Outbreak, Survivor, and Dead Aim were pretty bad. So where does this leave us with the slightly lesser known prequel title, Resident Evil 0?

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Jackhass1998d ago

Was a fan of this one back in the day. Think people underrate it a bit.

TricksterArrow1998d ago

IMO, they underrate it a lot. But the story do feel a little rushed. I think Marcus would be a great villain if fleshed out a little more.

CrimsonWing691998d ago

Oh they definitely underrate this game. I'm not going to even read this dribble of a "review" because regardless of how you feel about aspects of the game on a personal level it still plays very similar to REmake except now the design is a little less back-trackish.

Each area becomes a large section you backtrack in and basically you create your own safe zone to create a drop box in. It flows a bit better in my opinion as you don't need to revisit other sections once you've solved the puzzles and progress.

It's designed to work with its mechanics and you have to take into context when this game was made. However, having played it inside and out, it plays as one of the stronger entries in its given the time it was made.

Whatever though, this is that guy's opinion and it's worth absolutely nothing to me just as mine means nothing to him.

Venox20081997d ago

such a great game 8.5/10 from me of the better RE games