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After a wait of over two years TheVideoGames finally have our hands on the final build version of Campo Santo studios Indie title Firewatch. Drawn in by the Pixar like artistic landscapes and promise of a world filled with suspense and intrigue what makes Firewatch one of the must own games of 2016? Here is our full review of why you must experience life in Two Forks Firewatch Tower.

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Jackhass1619d ago

Glad this one turned out well -- looks interesting.

GribbleGrunger1619d ago

Just a heads up before it hits: Don't read the Guardians review, it has lots of spoilers.

Cohagen4201619d ago

Good thing I skimmed through it.

Perjoss1619d ago

thanks for the heads up!

Yui_Suzumiya1619d ago

Thanks for the heads up, bro

Pixelgameruk1619d ago

No spoilers in this one so read away we want you to experience it as intended.

Yui_Suzumiya1619d ago

Awesome review.. I'll be getting this tomorrow :3