PALGN: The Incredible Hulk DS Review

PALGN writes: "With the number of superhero movies flooding the cinemas this year, gamers can expect a similar situation in respect to superhero videogames. The Nintendo DS version of The Incredible Hulk bypasses the open-world gameplay of the console versions, instead shaping itself as a side-scrolling action/adventure title, though how well this style of game suits the big, green machine remains to be seen.

Like a gentle giant, the contents of The Incredible Hulk are largely simplistic. From a mediocre story introduction which offers no insight whatsoever on the character of the Hulk, the brief cut scene quickly whisks players off into the first level of the cold, snow-covered environment of Alaska. Why are you here? No-one really knows.

Whether you are fighting baddies in Alaska, the warmer climate of Brazil, or the urban sprawl of the United States, the game navigates you though thirty levels of Contra inspired gameplay. Though ultimately this game can't stack up to the fun of Contra."

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