Dying Light: The Following Expansion Review | Fextralife

Judas Blitzkrieg at Fextralife takes a look at the new release Dying Light: The Following and shares his thoughts on its zombie hordes, buggies and more.

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esmittystud1011993d ago

Perfect reason to fire this game back up. A season pass that is actually worth something down the road. Techland gets praise in my book.

TheSaint1993d ago

Not sure why you got a disagree for that, Techland give true value for money. One of the few devs that do these days.

If you want to disagree, fine. Say why. Or just be a coward and mash that disagree button......

Highlife1992d ago

Completely agree. This has been the best co-op game I have ever played. Can't wait.

TheSaint1992d ago

lol at all the cowards.