MyGen: Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix Preview

MyGen writes: "Being an avid Street Fighter fan since back in the day when it was cool to play coin-op arcade machines, I couldn't contain myself once I heard Capcom would be re-releasing (yes again, for a 100th time) a Street Fighter II title on the Xbox 360 and PS3 as an arcade title. While us gamers were gifted with a Street Fighter II title a while back titled: Street Fighter II, Hyper Fighting which came complete with an online mode and the original 8 World Warriors. There was still something missing, and with Super Street Fighter II HD Remix it is easy to see what it was, the conversion of the graphics to the HD format.

Along with the extra fighters that came along with the original Super Street Fighter series, SF2 HD Remix gamers will be gifted with gorgeous 1080p high definition visuals complete with all new animations for all your favourite characters and all their devastating moves. Effects have also been added such as an awesome trail that will follow your fireball as it tears through the air towards your enemy. You will truly see the difference once you jump from Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting to Super Street Fighter II Remix. The guys over at Capcom have also been busy with giving us a whole new combo and moves list if need be, by selecting "Remixed" just before you do battle so it's just not eye candy we are treated with."

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Nitrowolf23808d ago

so when does this come out??

crazy250003808d ago

they need to announce a freaking date....being so vague isnt enough....they said sometime in the summer and summer is over....come on!!