Peter Molyneux is wrong about the benefits of crunch ... right?


"Crunch can be, vaguely, defined as times in a game's development where those working on said game must work much longer than the expected hours in order to finish some aspect of the game ... or perhaps finish the game itself."

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VenomUK1079d ago (Edited 1079d ago )

I'm sure developers and publishers alike have a strong opinion on the pressures/benefits of crunch time. However this substance-light opinion piece seems to have been thrown together to take advantage of the current demonisation of Peter Molyneux. Yes he over-promises (I backed Godus on Kickstarter!) but he is a man with some serious experience in the industry.

The criticism of Molyneux is further undermined because its author Ben Kuchera, publicly declared he got sick of gaming. There's nothing wrong with taking a break from gaming but it does make you wonder if he is writing this piece for love of the game or for love of the pay cheque?

Perhaps Kuchera is not the best person to critique Molyneux as he doesn't share his 30+ years experience of making games. His opinion piece doesn't even have a strong opinion, it's just a vague, weak, meandering question put out to the world to hopefully ensnare some clicks - and it shows.

Bimkoblerutso1079d ago

Molyneux is a man who routinely flounders to get his games done, much less get everything in them that he I would say the less advice about the actual PROCESS any aspiring developer takes from him, the better.

He could probably be a valuable resource for game design and conceptualization, but game production...I would look elsewhere.