Unravel: The Kotaku Review

Unravel, which stars a little red knitted character called Yarny, is unusually personal. It is an intimate game, tied to a certain place and time, and it very obviously means something to the people who made it.

This post originally appeared on Kotaku UK.

Yarny is based on an actual doll that creative director Martin Sahlin knitted whilst out camping with his family. His game, Unravel, is essentially a really good-natured version of Limbo. You move the little yarn gent across the screen from left to right and use twigs, apples, pine cones, branches and whatever else is lying around to solve little physics conundrums. All the while, you’re using the thread that trails behind you to create bridges, slingshot yourself around, climb and swing about, and tie things together to keep them in place.

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