What Could Bethesda Have In Store For E3 2016?

ThisGenGaming says "Bethesda’s decision to have their very own presser for the first time surprised many fans at E3 2015 but even more surprising to gamers and critics alike was just how successful Bethesda’s E3 showing was. Gamers in general and especially fans of Bethesda games were pleased with showing of Doom gameplay, the reveal of Dishonored 2 and the real juggernaut of the show: Fallout 4."

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DarkOcelet1998d ago

The Evil Within 2

Wolfenstein 2

Rage 2

A new IP

Brink 2 and Hunted The Demon's Forge 2 might happen as well.

Relientk771998d ago

I would love to see Rage 2 and a new Wolfenstein game

freshslicepizza1997d ago

i'd like to see a new ip, chances are we wont

Yui_Suzumiya1998d ago

Quake 5 maybe? It was hinted at before Rage came out.

DarkOcelet1997d ago

I totally forgot about Quake, it would be nice for it to make a return.

Relientk771998d ago

Can't wait to see Dishonored 2

Would be awesome if we saw Rage 2

-Foxtrot1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

Evil Within II would be nice but like I've said I think they over complicated the story too much in the first one and the characters like Sebastian were pretty bland. Still a good game though but I think they could do a spiritual sequel or a sequel which has no ties to the original, kind of like an Anthology franchise based on it's name "The Evil Within" where Evil could be anything.

Dishonored 2 will be shown more

Fallout 4 DLC

Hopefully a new IP aswell

My Wish...a PROPER Prey sequel starring Tommy

None of that generic looking bounty hunter stuff, a game which continues Tommy's story and basically continues from the first game when he walks through the portal.

DarkOcelet1998d ago

Why over complicate things?

They need to delve more in Sebastian's past and his wife's connection to all this.

The first game have many unanswered question with an open ending to what happens to Ruvik.

There is room for a great sequel if they get the story right and get rid of the damn engine they made the first one on.

Unreal Engine 4 would be great for such a game.

-Foxtrot1998d ago

I said the first one was over complicated, they tried to do so many twists and turns but because of no development with the characters you didn't feel anything.

His wife was a huge part of the story and the fire but she's never seen untill the DLC...but not everyone has played the DLC and it's not very good writing to include huge plot points in expansions when it should have been in the main game. Expansions/DLC are supposed to expand the story not resolve the unfinished story and the questions it left unanswered.

I just feel if they did another one it would be exactly the same, hardly no development, characters being planks of wood, no reactions from them, the fact when they are together they have to wait until a cutscene before they react together (unlike something like the Last of Us which shows us you can have good dialogue while walking together).

If they can do it fine but if not it's why I would prefer something new or a spiritual sequel instead.

DarkOcelet1998d ago

I honestly see a great potential here for the characters and the sequel.

We should give them a chance here, this is a new ip so i believe they can flesh out things greatly in the sequel.

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YinYangGaming1998d ago

Can't wait to see gameplay of Dishonored 2!

Yui_Suzumiya1998d ago

Hell, I can't wait to actually play it!

Jollyk1998d ago

Maybe DLC for Fallout 4....paid £30 for the fecker and still no news.

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