Canadian developers look to virtual reality for the future of video games

Soon we’ll all be able to take the red pill. Virtual reality is thrilling, but it is often difficult to describe, since it drops the user into a 360-degree virtual world, creating an inherently unique, immersive digital experience.

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BigBosss1998d ago

A way for the Illuminati to control people while they do evil things behind the curtain. Especially VR technology.

tastas211998d ago

You doubt it? This story sounds like Oculus paid for it. write real stories not oculus ads, shcill.

DigitalRaptor1998d ago


Was that a sneeze?

kneon1998d ago

I've received a couple emails over the last few months inviting me to join the Illuminati, so I could just join and ask them for you :)

S2Killinit1997d ago (Edited 1997d ago )

I'm a member of the Illuminati myself. I can tell you that we will be playing VR ourselves. (;

world domination after a VR session

ApocalypseShadow1998d ago (Edited 1998d ago )

The more the merrier. Skepticism is understandable but let's reality check...

3D wasn't a replacement for gaming but to ADD to your gaming experience.There wasn't a mandate for all developers to make 3D games.No executives stating that current gaming was over.And 3D movies are made to this day and 3D bluray movies sold.Somebody is watching.I suspect some 3D content will be released on VR.

Next,there WILL be compelling games made.When polygon games were made over 2D,no one questioned if compelling games could be made. Developers stepped up and we play them today. MGS,TLofU,Uncharted,Zelda,Halo ,Fallout,etc show that depth in a game can be just as compelling as any 2D games on NES,SNES,Genesis,etc.

Developers just need to step up.It's not either or.Just make regular games and use some profits to make VR games or hybrids. Developers didn't stop making 360 and PS3 games. They used last gen profits to fund current gen until there were enough systems out there to make money on PS4,Xbox one and PC.VR developers will have over 3 platforms to make money from by porting or getting paid for exclusivity.

I want to also point out that multiplayer games are coming.Sony built in the idea just by adding the HDMI out. They didn't have to do that.It's to allow others to join in.Cost will come down as they always do for hardware. Only Neo Geo games kept their ridiculous value.Everything else drops in price.That has never changed.

And no,PSVR doesn't have poor screen resolution,PS4 is not hardware constrained or is it aging.It just released. As some developers get better with regular development,VR developers will get better at VR development.Games like TLofU and GT6 show that games at the end of a life cycle can still look and play great.

VR is an **ADDED OPTION** to gaming.No one is saying it will replace current gaming any time soon.Previous VR attempts didn't have developer communities pushing for good hardware,high framerates and resolutions.THEY ARE NOW. Previous attempts didn't have smart phones capable of entry level VR. WE DO NOW. There is a difference NOW.

tastas211998d ago

HAHHAHHA VR is the worst. Rich toys for rich kids .

Psychotica1998d ago

Why? Just because you can't afford it?

DigitalRaptor1998d ago

Did you not just sum up video games there?

I'm not sure you really understand.

Errorist761998d ago

Oh if only you would stand to that statement but I already see you hyping VR as the next guy in a year's time.

Scatpants1997d ago

More like toys for people with jobs and disposable income. I'll be buying an Oculus and I'm building a racing/flying cockpit to go with it.

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JRPG-FAN1998d ago

Theres no way a box on your head with last gen graphics is the future of video games. VR and AR are the kinect of this generation, people will play and enjoy them for a week or two and move back to their controller and TV.

JRPG-FAN1997d ago

no dude YOURE sad, youre the one who wants to alienate yourself from society. I have friends, i game with friends, im not wearing a box over my head, my life isnt THAT bad. Plus all the games announced for occulus and psvr look like low budget crap, id prefer sony spend the money on making AAA ps4 games then this stuff. just my opinion obviously some people dont care and will play anything.

Psychotica1997d ago

You make it sound like friends can't play VR games together which is not true, they can and will.

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