PlayStation 5 will let developers build 'far more dynamic, interactive worlds'

The next generation of consoles will let developers build "far more dynamic", "interactive" and "believable" worlds than the PS4 and Xbox One currently allow for, according to Criterion's former technology director Paul Ross.

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BigBosss2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I know that VR will play a huge role for next gen consoles. But still have a long way ahead for the next gens to come out. So at the moment, I'm just going to take things as a grain of salt.

DarkOcelet2003d ago

It gonna come most likely in Q4 2020.

Still far away.

BigBosss2003d ago

Definitely far away, let's just focus on this generation for now rather than speculating on next generation.

Mr_Writer852003d ago

Not that far away 2018.. 2019 the absolute latest.

Last gen was a one off and a huge leap from the previous gen (ps2) but the leap from last gen to current gen wasn't a huge one.

5/6 years previous gens have gone, and I think this one will follow the rule rather than the exception.

1nsomniac2003d ago

Way, way off the mark if you think these consoles will last until Q4 2020!

Like the others have said, realistically we're looking 2018 - Q1 2019 at latest. Both the big dogs at both Microsoft & Sony have both publically stated it wont be as long as last gen.. like someone already said, last gen was a one off & used advanced tech. This gen has just re-wrapped old tech under a new flavor of label to whatever the recent buzz word is. Wishful thinking but these consoles will have become stale by 2018.

IamTylerDurden12003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

2020. PS5 and xbox2 are NOT coming any earlier than Q4 2019, 2018 is ridiculous. You ppl claiming 2018 are saying that the PS4/Xb1 will last only as long as the Wii u (approximately).

Consider that the new God of War hasn't even been announced yet, TLoU 2, you think these are PS5? No.

Consider how well PS4 is selling, why would Sony end its lifespan short if it's blowing the doors off still?

Nivekki2003d ago

'Consider how well PS4 is selling, why would Sony end its lifespan short if it's blowing the doors off still?'

Because just maybe the competitors have released new consoles by then?

Jyndal2003d ago

"Because just maybe the competitors have released new consoles by then?"

Console manufacturers had better be careful about how fast they come out with a new system, else they run the risk of being the next Sega. Dropping a console in favor of a newer, shinier one can have the effect of making people wary of trusting their money to a system that may only last 4 -5 years.

Nivekki2003d ago


The ps2 released 5 years after the ps1 and it is the best selling console of all time.

freshslicepizza2003d ago

i'm hoping the next generation is an actual evolution from the last. this generation didn't seem like a major jump to me but it is understandable since they want to offer affordable systems that can make profits early on.

Kleptic2003d ago

i'm with most others...I'd guess concrete rumors showing up by mid to late 2017, official announcements in 2018 with hardware showing up no later than 2019...

it really comes down to what MS does...There is no denying they're going to original xbox this gen and have something ready sooner rather than later...that is exactly how the 360 came to be, and was a move that paid off until they fumbled with the xbox one...every year that ticks by is just MS giving up additional market share, and they have plenty of resources to slow or stop that, so its really up to how they handle it...

2020 is simply unrealistic imo...MS won't let that happen...maybe sony waits that long if the VR stuff takes off...but I would be blown away if MS rode the xbox one through 6 consecutive losing years, so no doubt there will at the very new xbox hardware before the end of the decade...and Sony will most likely be forced into new hardware releases only because of MS's attempts to 'erase' the current situation and start over...

UKmilitia2003d ago

no point bringing anything out until many devs get there finger out and build new engines rather than tweaked crap!!!

WelkinCole2003d ago

The important factors when it comes to release of a new console depends on

1. The gamers
2. Publishers

These are the two big market forces that in a way are interdependent.

If publishers continue to publish great experiences and gamers keep buying them then the need for next gen gets moves back.

MS or Nin can release their new consoles as early as they want but if publishers and gamers are not ready yet to let go of current gen then they will not fare well. It is why I am predicting the next Nin console the NX will not fare well.

Look, if publishers are publishing games and gamers keep buying them in bigger numbers year on year then there is no incentive for publishers especially 3rd parties to invest in new gen game dev when they are making a killing on current gen.

As the gaming industry keeping expanding and making more money I doubt publishers and gamers are willing to move soon. I don't see revenue/profit decreasing any time soon. At least another 3-4 years so late 2019 or early 2020 is more likely.

Heck Rockstar hasn't release a game this gen yet. All the Sony big hitters have not released yet. COD has just started and has not reach their peak sales this gen yet including all EA franchises. This is because this gen is still only 60+million sofar.

We should not see game sales slow down until the 180 millon console mark like last gen (53m PS3, 55m X30, 72m plus WII). The big difference this time around is that the bulk will be PS4 and X1 which is perfect for 3rd party publishers as it means a much bigger market for core gamers they can sell to which means its much easier for them to support longer.

Apollosupreme2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

Wow, really? Back to my previously scheduled surfing then...

SolidStoner2003d ago

they really should already consider the support for VR for next gen.. just like with racing wheels.. supporting gadgets you make is always a good thing!! And make 4 USB ports (at least) for PS5 again!

phallusitator2003d ago

As long as it has backwards compatibility support out of the box id support a 4 year cycle.

ChrisW2003d ago

Woot! Look at the bickering! Every PS console has come out approx 5 to 7 years after the prior one's release date. So there you go! It could be 2018... It could be 2020... It could be whenever Sony decides...

Domovoi0ng2002d ago

How can these current consoles survive till 2020? hahahahaha......just thinking about consoles cracks me up.

2002d ago
bouzebbal2002d ago

wow what an info..
PS8 will let developers build far more interactive worlds..
You heard it here first.

The 10th Rider2002d ago


"Consider how well PS4 is selling, why would Sony end its lifespan short if it's blowing the doors off still?"

Well, it works like this: Pretend all the people who have bought a PS4 are on one side of a fence and everyone who hasn't is on the other. The more you sell, the less people there are who haven't bought one . . . Meaning the number of people who have yet to buy one dwindles. Eventually, the number of people on that side of the fence is so small that it becomes harder and harder to sell.

That's the reason companies release slim versions of consoles, special editions, or products like the New 3DS. It's a big reason (besides other, obvious ones) that the Wii tanked at the end of its life and the PS3 sold very well towards the end of its life.

It would be phenomenal if the PS4 continued to sell as well as it is now for another two or three years, four years? Not impossible, but it would be a shock. Even if fans think it will, Sony can't really count on that and they're probably planning for that sales dip now.

jonivtec2002d ago

The ps4 sale nice its the only reason why whe will maybe wait until 2018-2019.But the reason why it wont be to long is the power...both console are kind of underpowered ...8go of memory is perfectly acceptable but low cpu and gpu power is not.Sony and microsoft did with the economy at the time but i think a 50$ on a more powerfull cpu/gpu combo would have been preferable and would'nt really affect the sales on the long run

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Yukes2003d ago

Not much to take, really. Next gen will allow for more believable worlds...very insightful.

In other news, the gaming landscape will be markedly different in 10 years' time.

Kavorklestein2003d ago

Yeah I read through this and I'm like:
"Wait whatttt?!
PS5 will be able to doo moar stuffz?!"
OMG! Like no effin way!
So totally radical!
Holy be-jeebus! You don't say!

How about telling us specifically HOW the PS5 will allow devs to build more dynamic worlds instead of the most cliché way of saying games are going to gett better and better with time.

Which is of course a no brainer.

donthate2002d ago

Yeah, but I think what isn't as obvious at this time is that I think the cloud would make far more dynamic and interactive worlds. It is perfect for this!

XBL Cloud Compute and Crackdown 3 physics, tied with smart AI like Driveatar in Forza 5 & 6, and you can have it in the next 1-2 years. The cloud will beat next generation console now! Let alone then when the next generation releases.

WilliamSheridan2003d ago

VR will always be a gimmick. I highly doubt it will ever take off, because I don't think people really truly want it. There are some hardcore gamers who would but it, but the core market won't get into it enough for it to become mainstream. You might say, good, we like it that way... But it will never be big until it hits mainstream

DragonKnight2003d ago

People want the Holodeck, VR is a stepping stone to that. People want VR, they just don't want a hefty price and lack of content. VR is not like motion controls or 3D.

WilliamSheridan2003d ago

People definitely want the holodek, and VR is the technological stepping stone, but that doesn't mean people want VR. Just watch, VR fell flat in arcades, it'll fall flat on consoles. People don't really want that kind of immersion without proper tactile feedback. True VR just isn't possible. Even AR is probably higher in demand.

But I guess we will see soon when these devices come out...

frostypants2003d ago

@WilliamSheridan, arcade machine hardware is weaksauce compared to home consols and PCs. Has been for ages.

Jmanzare2003d ago

I believe vr will take off but not for a long time definitely not this gen and probably not next gen either

WilliamSheridan2003d ago


Arcade hardware is, and always will be, more powerful than consoles due to simple economics. In the past, consoles would struggle to maintain arcade quality. Currently the only reason games are arcade quality is because the arcade market died and now instead of porting from arcade to console it's done the other way around. But, think of arcades as the pc market, since that's basically what they are/were. They are always more powerful than consoles, always. It's just up to the developer on how much they want to spend...

sweendog2003d ago

You are comparing 90s arcade tech to today's tech and saying arcade technology is still better. I tried vr back in the 90s and the graphics were comparable to star fox on the snes it was that bad and the latency was horrendous it was like being drunk. You moved your head and then image caught up with you. Dk1 was leaps and bounds more advanced than 90s arcade vr never mind dk2 and now cv1/psvr/vive

WDBII2003d ago

I don't care for it. People say they do but once it's out there for everyone to get, not many will have. Either it costs too much for them or it costs too much to not be able to use with friends. Now that hololens. That's breaking barriers. I am micro biased. I can't lie

Pongwater2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

"VR will always be a gimmick. I highly doubt it will ever take off"

VR will eventually be huge, there is very little doubt in my mind.

Games or other virtual worlds for people to explore with friends or alone, virtual concerts and sporting events, virtual classes or field trips into the past present or future for students, virtual trips to big gatherings or conventions whether they're political, business related things like seminars, or something like E3, Virtual trips to the space station, moon, Mars, etc, virtual tours of famous cities that can even transport the viewer into the past...

The possibilities are incredible. Whether the time is now or not is the question, but when the price is right VR will explode just like television did as long as the quality and content are there.

UnHoly_One2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

I agree, I see multiple people echoing BigBosss' sentiment of "I know that VR will play a huge role for next gen consoles", but I don't see it.

I think it will play NO role in the next gen console, because I think it will fail miserably. It'll stick around on PC, but mostly because it can be used for anything instead of just games.

It will not last on console.

Just my personal prediction.

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completely agree. If you really take a second to think about it, VR is really the only "gamble" this gen has invested itself in thus far. Aside from that, its tough to say ive seen a ton of innovation come from this generation in comparison to the last.

"far more dynamic, interactive worlds" is a progression I still look to my playstation 4 and xbox one for.

Xb1ps42003d ago

Exactly... I'll believe it when it launches, I would of thought we would of been playing in those worlds now considering how long last gen dragged on so a grain of salt it is..

magiciandude2003d ago ShowReplies(4)
sanosukegtr1232003d ago

In the meantime ps4 will keep us occupied.

Scatpants2003d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of interface devices will come out for VR. I'm building a cockpit for racing and flying games before VR arrives, but I'd like to see some interesting motion controls or an interface for a stationary bike. You could have online bike races with steering and everything.

Tsar4ever012003d ago

Next-gen consoles with bigger and better interactive worlds, they say? Can you say "SpaceEngine," that's all I gotta say.

Muzikguy2002d ago (Edited 2002d ago )

When I read that headline I thought maybe this was a gamingbolt article. Of course the next systems will allow for more immersive worlds! Every system that succeeds the previous does that. How stupid to even say that.

Also the whole "grain of salt" thing looks like it needs some clarifying

I too think VR will play a major role next generation. This is only the beginning as far as VR is concerned

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GordonKnight2002d ago

It's sort of like the NFL power rankings right after the Super Bowl.

otherZinc2002d ago Show
TheBrit2002d ago

but they say this type of thing each and every year - nothing new.

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Relientk772003d ago

Let PS4 last, but when PS5 does come it will be epic

BigBosss2003d ago ShowReplies(1)
BrandanT2003d ago

No way! Doesn't that happen with every new console? It's more powerful so developers are able to do more.

ginsunuva2003d ago

But they don't always because it takes more time and effort (and usually money) to do.

What game this gen used the increased console power for anything other than visuals?

reallyNow2003d ago

You Dont Know Jack Collection: 49573922.7

BrandanT2003d ago

Well, in this generation, visuals are pretty much the main selling point for games right now.

Genova842002d ago

They said the same thing with the PS4/Xbone. It's stating a very simple fact and passing it off as journalism. Do what other wise people do, and downvote this crap!

2003d ago