Swashbuckling MOBA Pirates: Treasure Hunters announced for PS4

By: Jesus Iglesias:
We are very excited to finally announce that the game we have been working on for the last two years is going to be released in a few weeks! This game is Pirates: Treasure Hunters. Yes, we love pirates! We read lots of books about pirates! We watch movies about pirates and now we’ve made a game of Pirates.

We have always wanted to create our own universe of pirates, and this game is a totally new and refreshing approach to the genre.

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Deathdeliverer1997d ago

Wonder why I have not heard of this. As much League and Dota 2 I play, you would think someone would have mentioned it. Looks pretty damn fun. Definitely not run of the mill. Jumping on pirate ships and having sea battles? Is that the Baron/Roshan of the game? Probably not cause the enemy team had one too. Time to research.