Google making VR headset to compete with OculusRift

Google is working on a virtual reality headset to take on Facebook's Oculus and Samsung's Gear VR, according to a new report. But in Google's case, the software is what's important.

Google is pushing farther into virtual reality, as it's planning a VR headset that will rival the Facebook Oculus and Samsung Gear VR, reports Tim Bradshaw of the Financial Times.

Google has shipped more than 5 million units of its Cardboard headset that uses sensors and a smartphone to provide an introductory virtual reality experience. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg suspects it's the next big thing.

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ApocalypseShadow2786d ago

More supporters and backers the better.

It's time to have more optional ways to view content and not just the old way we have been using for over 35 years.

What's the point of developers making rich,3D polygonal content if it's only going to be viewed in 2D on a screen? What's the point of making an FPS game or camera view if you don't get to SEE it from YOUR point of view?

It's time for more companies and more options.And cardboard was a great starting point.

stuna12786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I think it's a fair assumption to say that all these big players are or have seen the potential scope and beneficial application of VR to the industry that maybe even we Haven't seen or envisioned! This IMO is not something that developers would consistently and wholeheartedly funnel countless time with research and development and countless money of this scale into, unless they've seen the bigger picture of an undertaking like this.

This is far bigger than the likes of the PS Move, Microsofts Kinects or motion controls in general. This is entirely on a different level of its own.

These different players are insistent on making VR succeed and at a great cost! We haven't seen this level of support even when the introduction of 3D was imminent!

I think VR is destined to succeed whether some want it to or not.

joeorc2786d ago


100% exactly.

The big point is its clear that Google selling through 5 million units & now will be building their very own headset shows that even though Google just put out their own Google cardboard sales numbers, there are other google cardboard vendors, and than many Chinese plastic smartphone socket Google cardboard plastic headsets, with NFC tag included with Google cardboard & these other headsets.

And this is now beyond VR just having to be successful on PC & Console being the metric of the only way you can look at VR if its a success or not.

Now AuraVisor VR head set is HMC

Head mounted Computer VR its included with smartphone system hardware built right into the headset.

No mobile phone or PC tethering.
Now those are being put out now also

DigitalRaptor2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Fabulous comment, and very honest.

With all these huge companies on board, I'm fairly sure we're going to have a new entertainment revolution on our hands. The scope for real-world application of VR reaches far beyond entertainment and gaming. Those calling it a gimmick for so long are going to have a very balanced egg to face ratio.

joeorc2785d ago

There's a few things that many people may not be thinking about VR "presence" increase development for VR is heading to the point is or will soon allow those with VR Headset's being able to study areas that may be dangerous for you to be directly there , but allows the VR user to observe the area .

example: doctor's and scientific community, could observe with higher VR "presences" would allow the observer with in the case of gunshot wounds in the human body be able to remove bullets out of the body of a wounded with a much greater chance to avoid the wounded with more damage to the area than already is. Example its the difference in paralysis or longer healing.

Some may say how?

Well Doctors having a 1st view of a remote camera or 3D volume of space around the damaged area in real time would allow the Doctors or science community's ability to make further advancements to allow the Doctor's even better ways to tackle such problems. But by investing further in such VR technology would allow you better situational awareness of such areas of body damaged places that need such high precise view in any surgery procedure that is going to tell the Doctor's & surgeon the requirements in such a situation to make best use of procedure to the area to allow lesson the damage or prolong Damage to the recipient.


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