Is it about time to revive the WW2 shooter?

Apparently so, Battalion 1944. Years ago, World War II shooters were everywhere. Then the bubble burst.

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Angerfist1958d ago

Yes it is. And give people the Option to play with the Axis as well. Yes it might be controversial for some but this fact alone guarantees more attention. The Takeover of Paris or Operation Barbarossa would make for good missions.

Errorist761958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

I bet 3/4 of the world would love to finally kill some Americans.

On topic: Yeah, I think it would be a great idea...really sick of the 100th sci fi shooter. I'd love to see a COD 2 type of game in modern clothing...although WW2 (WW1 even more) could be really brutal in photorealistic graphics.

Heyxyz1958d ago

I want to play as the Russians. They are (in my opinion) the most interesting country because they really didn't fit perfectly with either side. They were Allies, but in name alone.

Scrivlar1958d ago

He'll yeah, so sick of these futuristic COD games coming out. They're so stupid.

ArchangelMike1958d ago

Well Far Cry Primal is taking it way back to the stone age, so maybe, but what about WWI?

ironcrow23861958d ago

theres too many ww2 shooters blah blah bitch moan....that was the general gist 10 years ago..think this is a case of careful what you wish for

DarkOcelet1958d ago

How about World War 1 then?

ironcrow23861958d ago (Edited 1958d ago )

Tbh ww1 is just gonna be the same take out those snipers, destroy the enemy aa guns etc as ww2 games just without the obligatory omaha beach level

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The story is too old to be commented.