Persona 3, You're Looking Very Real

Shigenori Soejima’s art for the Persona series is some of the best in all of video games, but like anything else it’s always fair game for some reinterpretation.

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TheColbertinator1077d ago

Persona 3 had some of the best character designs like Aigis,Shinjiro and Thanatos.

no_more_heroes1077d ago

This makes me want a Persona game with those graphics now...

user66660471077d ago

I never got to use her cuz I got bored of the game, but she looks cool. I might actually give the game another shot now that I don't have the attention span of a rock anymore.

KimikoGaming1077d ago

But rocks have a really good attention span... They can sit in the same spot for an eternity and not think twice.

audiocafe1077d ago

My favorite Persona game :)