PALGN: Saints Row 2 Preview

The last time PALGN got their hands on Saints Row 2, they were incredibly optimistic of things to come. It seemed to be leaps and bounds ahead of the original Saints Row, and although being set in the same town of Stilwater, they were confident that the game would successfully keep open world fanatics occupied with plenty of new missions, some crazy and fun new weapons and an absolute bucket load of customization. Then some other open world game was released soon after PALGN's initial preview, and everybody jumped on a bit of a hype train as they adventured with Niko in what some consider to be the pinnacle in open world gaming experiences.

The dust has settled now though; discussions of said game have calmed down and many are looking for their next fix of carefree crime and mayhem - just the right time for Saints Row 2 to step in and take the spotlight when it's released in October, then.

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VWGTI3713d ago

This game is going to be a blast! I loved the mini-games from the first Saints Row and they should be much improved this time around in addition to several news ones. I can't wait to try out the underground cage fighting. I also look forward to throwing people off of buildings.