TGR: Rumor Killers: New Xbox/PS, PS3 Price Drop, Too Human PC?

Are we about to see the next generation of consoles? Will the Ps3 see a price cut soon? Is Too Human eventually going to see a PC port? All this and more on this week's edition.

Rumor Killers is your preeminent source for anything questionable in the gaming industry. TheGameReviews takes no hostages in their search for the truth. If there is an answer out there, they will guarantee you they won't stop searching till they find it. Each week, brings you two editions of the Rumor Killers: Tuesday and Friday.

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cain1413737d ago

I don't know why the PC would want Too Human... From what I've seen it has more important concerns for now...

aubradley3737d ago

Hehe. I think those fives and sixes on the review scores are definitely a bigger issue.

thegamereviews3737d ago

yea, scores are all over the map. I have played it for 6 hours now and so far would pin it at a 7ish..repetitive.

Ichabod133737d ago

I think Too Human would make a better PC game, if it allowed mods and such. It's just too much of a niche game right now and sadly, it's not my niche. :(

LightningPS33737d ago

It seems like every rumor is false, which in fact is not the case. Some of this stuff will end up being true.

So this doesn't mean crap.

cain1413737d ago

They may be true in the future, but for now all signs may point to false...

If I say chuck norris will be the next president of the united states of america...

It's not true...

It might be possible, but its still unlikely...

metalhead3737d ago

Think about it. Sony said they would keep the PS3 and PSP in a ten yr cycle, but they didnt say they wouldnt release a new console in that time span. The PS1 lasted ten yrs before it was retired but the PS2 came out in Yr 5 of the PS1 timeline and the PS2 is almost 10 years old as well and the PS3 came out in PS2s 5th year as well.

cain1413737d ago

Yeah... I can see sony rushing with a new one if MS were to do the same...

Ichabod133737d ago

I hope that sony's next attempt has better software support for developers. Sony needs to dive head first into their own machine and setup a nice set of developing tools for 1st and 3rd parties. I'm sure they are already focusing on this, so maybe I'll pickup the ps4!! :P

cain1413737d ago

I know Microsoft said they wanted to be the first one out of the gate with new systems. I don't think these will last 10 years, but I don't think we have anything to worry about for at least a few more...

gillman3737d ago

I just want a PS3 that doesn't look like a grill

boodybandit3737d ago

Well genius why don't you come up with a better design and send it over to Sony to laugh at?

All I want is people like you to stop wasting N4G bandwidth with your FUD.

Sitdown3737d ago

Do you really think that the PS3 could not have had a better design? No need to get upset because somebody wants a better looking console....there are tons of people who purchase consoles and other items because of their look.

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The story is too old to be commented.