Feature: The Decline of the PS3 Grey Market

The rise and fall of the PlayStation 3 on eBay is one of the most talked about gaming stories of the year. In order to paint a broader picture, Kotaku tracked pricing trends from preorders to Christmas Eve and surveyed retailers to determine just how hard the PS3 grey market has crashed....

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calderra5245d ago

What a biased article. How many times do they call anything remotely pro-PS3 a lie or consipiracy in this article?

Islandkiwi5245d ago

What are you talking about? He's got figures/charts based on ebay sales. how is this biased?

Marriot VP5245d ago

facts have a well known anti-sony agenda

power of Green 5245d ago

I have to put my PS3's in the news paper sucks i tryed to get some exrta cash. DAM!.

Scrumptious5245d ago

woke up to the fact this machine is not worth the price! This is why at least in the US, 360 will dominate.

Puck5245d ago

Well at least the prices on Ebay are dropping.

NextGen24Gamer5245d ago

Word of mouth. The Hype is absolutely gone and people can now play the ps3 hands on....The truth is the ps3 right now isn't showing anything to justify the high price tag in regards to GAMING. Yeah you can talk about blu ray...but thats not the main reason "gamers" buy a video game console. Its for the Games. The xbox 360 when launched a year ago had high prices on Ebay through the 1st of the year. People could play COD2 at Best Buys and Walmarts across the world. And gamers where absolutely amazed by the next gen visuals and gameplay. The ps3 a year later doesn't give gamers that same feel. Graphically its not up to par with the lesser expensive xbox 360....and with that being a known fact....Gamers on a whole are not willing to invest in More promises from Sony of "Great" things to come. When gamers spend over half a grand....They want to see what they paid for "RIGHT NOW". Sony had to have known this would happen. You make all these promises and claims....but eventually gamers would get to see for themselves and read all about it via comparissons/ect..... MS knew that the games for their system would look and play better than ps3 games months ago....Sony had to know that to be true as well. Be honest about what you have and consumers won't feel tricked or let down. With that said....I still have hope for my Ps3...though its dwindled down little by little game after game I play on it. But Motorstorm looks to be a "Good" game. And Fun. But an offroad racer with 8 tracks isn't an AAA title. But its good solid fun. I hope the online is good. That would be a huge plus in Motorstorms favor.

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The story is too old to be commented.