Xbox One Exclusive Quantum Break Now Has No Input Lag, Smooth Frame Rate;PR Head Talks Preview Event

When you read a preview, it’s easy to think about red (in this case yellow) carpet presentations, champagne and appetizers, and journalists given access to builds of a game as squeaky clean as possible, but few ever realize what goes on behind the scenes.

Remedy Entertainment Head of PR Thomas Puha gave a rather brutally honest account on the ins and outs of the recent preview event that will soon generate a wagon-load of articles and interviews about Quantum Break, from a point of view that you rarely read about: that of the developer.

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MCTJim2000d ago

Looking forward to what everyone had to say about their time with the game :D

jb2272000d ago

Yeah I'm really excited to see what they played too...I'm hoping they gave video for previews as well, maybe w/ a new section we haven't seen? Game sounds amazing, love to get more info on it.

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Christopher2000d ago

Impossible to not have input lag... I believe he intended to say he perceived no input lag. But, it's there.

Glad the new tech demo for journos is much better than the last. It's important that this thing come out strong. There's a lot riding on this specific new IP and I think it will be a sign of other new IPs to come in the future from MS/Remedy.

Gazondaily2000d ago

Whilst Im skeptical about QB, if done right it'll be a big boon for the X1. A lot is riding on it though. If it tanks critically, it'll be a massive blow for the Xbox One and that's the last thing it needs.

PFFT2000d ago

Its highly doubtful it will tank. The game looks amazing. Graphically, Story-wise and gameplay-wise. I cant freaking wait!

Dark_Crow2000d ago

A remedy game does not simply tank.

It's like saying uncharted 4 will tank. There really is no way that it will.

People may not like it but hey, there are people that don't like the last of us or uncharted or halo.

JRPG-FAN1999d ago

well not many xbox exclusives have tanked this generation, worst one was ryse and that was a launch titles and people still LOVE it.

UKmilitia1999d ago

totally agree but the game looks ace.
but the no input lag is complete bull.

Mkai281999d ago

I disagree with that statement, only because the game is unproven.. If it was an established ip like Halo or Uncharted, then yeah.

jwillj2k41999d ago


Uncharted/TLOF/Halo are proven games.

It's more like Gear Box. Yea they made Borderlands, but more recently they made Duke Nukem and Aliens Colonial Marines and both tanked. This game needs to get an overall 80% or above rating.

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Neonridr1999d ago

I think they mean that it is not noticeable.

Why do people have to nitpick everything? Use your head and I am sure you can imagine what he meant by that statement.

Christopher1999d ago

Then they should have said what they meant. Why should we expect anything less from people representing the game and its capabilities?

It's not like I went on twitter and ranted at the guy and called him stupid. I responded in a manner that would allow people to actually understand what he meant on a site talking about his tweets.

Don't get so defensive for the guy.

Neonridr1999d ago

have you ever said something that could have been misinterpreted or read into the wrong way? I don't understand why we are forgetting that heads of companies are just people. MOST people understood what he meant and understood it perfectly.

I just don't understand why we even need to talk about it. Input lag exists. It exists at 15fps, 30fps, 60fps and even 120fps. That is nothing new..

ninsigma2000d ago

Good stuff! Looking forward to this game.

LP-Eleven2000d ago

God, this game! I can't wait!

_LarZen_2000d ago

There is no thing as smooth 30 fps frame rate. Stable no no.

BitbyDeath2000d ago

Time to buy some glasses mate, a whole new world awaits!

Benjammin252000d ago

Look at all the nutters disagreeing lol. Sorry guys. It's basically scientific fact that you're going to have input lag at 30FPS. No if's or but's about it.

_LarZen_2000d ago

You can say the world is round and these people will dismiss it.

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tee_bag2421999d ago

The disagree's are because you're bursting their bubbles. Fanboys don't like that. I burst a few myself in a PS4 circle jerk thread.. My bubbles got knocked down 4 by the butthurt.
Input lag is always a thing. At 30fps there is usually around 33 milliseconds.

DragonbornZ1999d ago

That's not what he said tho. It might've been what he meant, but that comment has a few different implications.

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LP-Eleven2000d ago

Meant to agree, hit disagree by mistake. I agree 100%. 60 and 120fps, especially, are what "smooth" are all about.

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