Where have all of the funny games gone?

One female gamer writing for wonders aloud about the state of gaming, particularly with regard to the lack of humor in most games.

From the article: "When I was but a young child, I firmly planted myself in the cushy reclining chair of the lifetime gamer. I spent many an hour perched next to my brother, as he slaughtered his way through Duke Nukem, Wolfenstein, Quake and, of course, Doom. I cheered as countless zombie hookers were vaporized by nailguns, chainguns and the occasional BFG; and while these experiences no doubt account for some sort of early-life psychological trauma that will one day require thousands of dollars of therapy, they were never what truly pulled me into the PC gaming universe."

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FreestyleBarnacle3738d ago

Ratchet and Clank, anything new by Tim Schafer. The former doesn't get to PC but Psychonauts can still be found. No one else was ever really that funny....
Can we change the title to "Petition to Chain Tim Schafer to a desk until he makes a few more games."? Won't fit the story but I'd go for it anyway.

SeanScythe3738d ago

Fat Princess, LBP, R&C, & Calling all Cars. Just to name a few off the top my head.

Jellzy3738d ago

Those games hold more to the fact that they are conceptually funny, but games such as 'Escape from Mokey Island', and 'Grim Fandango' etc (the funniest games are always adventure game...) are games that could actually put a smile on your face for the complete duration of the game.

plain rice3738d ago

Fat Princess for sure. The previews in E3 had me laughing. I hope they reveal more of this game in GC.

Mr PS33738d ago

Too Human

The scores that Pile of Grade A Monkey Crap is Getting
Is Damm Funny

Sharpshell3738d ago

I for one, sincerely miss Roger Wilco. There are games out there this generation, Zack an Wiki for one Sam and Max for another, but they just don't deliver the same kind of humor. I have never enjoyed a game as much as I loved the entire Roger Wilco series, partly because how you played the game added to the humor "I wouldn't touch that... it doesn't know where you've been" if you were trying to figure out a puzzle and tried something wrong. Maybe that kind of humor died along with that style of games all together...

spectyre3738d ago

I thought Portal was friggin hilarious.

Sharpshell3738d ago

I forgot about portal (I know.. flame me), that gaae was hillarious! I'd love to see more full length gaaes maintain that kind of humor! But I wonder if portal would be as popular if it was a full game? Maybe people only want game with a serious tone for their full feature experiences?

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