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CaptainHowdy3740d ago

hopefully it's @ a bargain price

Mr_Kuwabara3740d ago

Yeah, 40 bucks would be decent.

chaosatom3333740d ago

LBP or Bioshock, Tough Choice

C_SoL3739d ago

Motorstorm:PR, LBP, Socom & Bioshock all in the same month....What to choose???

StephanieBBB3739d ago

I'd guess it was done by now, are they holding it back to not mess with other shooters release dates?

BulletToothtony3739d ago

everyone got at least one disagree.. lol i would love to see the teenager taking hours of each day to go and disagree with everyone just because they hate a console.. lol... kids... it would make a great youtube video...

harrisk9543739d ago

how long the game takes to complete?

MvmntInGrn3739d ago

It's at $60 (typical price)

thor3739d ago

I remember reading in a recent LBP interview that they are now aiming for oct-sep. So it might be released a little later so we can all enjoy socom/bioshock until then. Makes sense, considering the studio behind LBP has not made a full-scale game as a company before.

thebudgetgamer3739d ago

there was a time that finding good games to play was a task. now its too much when you are a poor college student. have to decide whats most important to play now. or maybe ill take another loan and buy them all

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OgTheClever3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

LittleBigPlanet will be consuming my life in October, November and and probably for many years to come so Bioshock will have to wait.

SeanScythe3740d ago (Edited 3740d ago )

yeah and with other games like dead space on the same day, but LBP will be the only game in my system until R2 comes out.

Edit: yeah forgot about socom, damn I better start saving.

chasegamez3740d ago

LBP and socom
is all i care about
in October

meepmoopmeep3739d ago

yeah, LBP is my top priority.
Bioshock will have to wait.

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Vicophine3740d ago

It's not at a bargain, it's at 59.99USD =( my friend who works at GameStop confirmed that to me. Take it as you want, I'm waiting a little while to get it unless I get some extra cash in the mean time.

beavis4play3739d ago

it's normal price for people who haven't played it. anyone who hasn't played bioshock before should run out and purchase it.

kingme713739d ago

Yeah, I don't see how they would discount it. They will sell many copies. Heck, Overlord came out on the PS3 at $59.99 when ported and that wasn't a landmark title.

plain rice3740d ago

Socom Confrontation and LBP will take all my time and not only in October. Probably till 2010.

BiggDaddy3113739d ago

LBP and Socom, probably play through Dead Space and Far Cry 2 as well. Then R2 and PoP in Nov. Maybe play through COD:[email protected] co-op campaign in Dec. then hopefully I can put down some of these games by Feb for KZ2.

Cinos1233739d ago

Well crap, Looks like im going to be down at least 250 for all these games coming out in October IMO they should have release LBP in Sept.

BulletToothtony3739d ago

but then again qore buyers will have 2 betas in sept, socom and R2 so i don't know man... i'm overwhelmed with so many video games...

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