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Gabs from GamersFTW writes: Adventures of Pip is a charming platformer, with an amusing story and world born from the game’s central mechanic. The platforming and puzzles increase in difficulty with each level, while adding new challenges to keep the gameplay fresh. Some aspects of the platforming require a lot of precision, but this encourages players to improve their skills.

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SmallestSteph1076d ago

Sounds like just the sort of game I want to play right now. The little twist on the classic platformer sounds really interesting too, definitely want to see it in action

HRD_Games1076d ago

Cracking game this one. Great to take a breather into a simple platformer, and the added depth keeps you playing. Love it

zcmilano1076d ago

This actually looks really cool. Like the idea of the different resolutions and abilities. Will give it a go!

DigitalRaptor1076d ago (Edited 1076d ago )

Supported it, have downloaded it and played the first few levels.

It's a winner. It's wonderful. Kudos to TicToc Games!

I hope they decide to port it to Vita - cause it's ideal. The guys have mentioned that they will investigate it after they've got the European versions of the game finished. And it's looking like it would be a cross-buy deal, so that's great: