Exclusive: Killzone 2 GC 2008 Trailer

New online multiplayer trailer of Killzone 2 that will be shown tomorrow at the Games Convention 2008 event in Liepzig. Enjoy.


HD version to follow shortly, in the same URL.
Update 2: HD version now live.

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theKiller3738d ago

and delivers some surprises for the final version then it will be tha king of all shooting games!!

poor bots, they wont get it, they r still stuck with halo 2.2 because they aint got any FPS games other than multiplatform which ps3 version of COD4 is better!!

why so serious bots?

Jellzy3738d ago

A gd find m8. Its a huge expansion on the previous multiplayer videos we were shown from E3. Hopefully the ingame voice is as clear as that, as it will give more reason to work as a team.

Jamie Foxx3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

dont mean to sound fanboyish but DANG graphically there is no comparisson on any console this is a must have game for graphic whores
ingame voice effects are insanly clear,truly feel your in a battle,after seeing that video this is my MOST WANTED game

to good guys such as reaper,tintin,hi def my point that not to worry bout 3rd party developers because 1st party studios will show us the potential of bluray is right here

Mainman3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Those were ingame voice's? I thought that was just regular voice chat.

I HATE FPS game's, but I think I am gonna buy this game bro.

Mao3738d ago

This is amazing. GG have produced an unmatched product. It REALLY stinks I gotta wait till February, but man will it be worth it! I can't wait to get my hands on this game.

ozsman3738d ago

HOLY CRAP that looks awesome.

Panthers3738d ago

OMG the flag blowing in the wind was awesome.

StephanieBBB3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

Freaking awesome game. Even without the sound (because im at work) the video blew my head right off... /brb picking pieces of head back up...

BattleAxe3738d ago

That looks amazing!!!! Can't wait.

NegativeCreep4273738d ago

It actually amazes me somewhat how the general attitude toward Killzone 2 has taken a giant turn for the better over these past two months or so. I do believe that shift will also occur towards the PS3 itself as a console by the end of this year.

Killzone 2 seriously cannot come soon enough. I better enjoy COD4 while I still WANT to.

Killzone 2. Tommy Likey! Tommy want gamey!

marinelife93738d ago

I like the way that that map lays out. It's not run and gun at all if you step out into the open without inflicting heavy casualties first you will be killed.

The Wood3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

that is NOT full potential;)

i kid. this game shall be named 'the silencer' or the 'buh....buh....buh'

Jamie Foxx3738d ago

hate to say i told you so but guess


GVON3738d ago (Edited 3738d ago )

it's looking very good indeed.

I like the dust and cloud effects.

himdeel3738d ago

...merciful GOD in heaven I want this game...yesterday!


arakouftaian3738d ago

i will wach it until the game comes out SONYYYYYYYYYYYY u better get me into the privet Beta Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

solidt123738d ago


juuken3738d ago

...I'm in shock.
This game looks FANTASTIC.
Bring on the game Sony, bring it on!

bpac1234567893737d ago

looks like killzone's multiplayer is gonna be alot more fun than i thought.

CaptainHowdy3737d ago

3 minutes of stunning gameplay...WHAT????...THAT's MULTIPLAYER!!!

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DavidMacDougall3737d ago

What you mean is OH FU*King Yeah!!! That looks like a Mix of TF2 and CoD4

fufotrufo3738d ago

Holy Crap an Airstrike! its Call of Duty 4!! oh wait

Kyur4ThePain3738d ago

He thinks COD was the first to have air strikes.
God damned child.

Chubear3738d ago

Newage gamers really chaff my butt. They have no clue about what the gaming industry offered in the past and just think any recent game with 'teh uber' graphics started all VGing. Yeeesh!

CViper3738d ago

Theres nothing wrong with just starting gaming this gen, but don't start trying to act like you can call games out on features that they didn't innovate, when the titles you mention didn't innovate the feature to begin with.

Kleptic3738d ago

Return to Castle Wolfenstein MP was the first multiplayer game to have airstrikes that i ever played...

and that was 2001 by the way...and I am not talking about mods, Quake II had a rocket 'airstrike' mod at one point, that was nothing but a cheap powerup that blanketed your targeted area with rockets fired directly from above...but RTCW was the first fps with them implemented properly into the game...where they in any games before that?...I can't remember...

BattleAxe3738d ago

The airstrikes in CoD4 are garbage, they ruin the gameplay.

NegativeCreep4273738d ago

What are you going to say next? Every PC on the planet has ripped off the idea of online gaming from xbox live?

zapass3738d ago


mmm... delicious

THC CELL3738d ago

first online game i had to place air strikes was wolfie for xbox one

On topic
Killzone eats cod and spits it out
this is going to be the game of the year 2009
i home there making more games like this for ps3

UnSelf3737d ago

sry GOW 3 is gonbe the GOTY of 09. but smh @ this video. Pure bliss.

Feb cant come soon enough

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solidworm3738d ago

that officially makes cod look like a buttered turd

Figboy3738d ago

butter a turd?

oh, wait, Dennis Dyack.


i kid, seriously.

anyway, this video looked amazing. i'm not a big multi-player guy, but stuff like this definitely gets me thinking twice about how much i put into my online gaming (which isn't a lot, really).

juuken3738d ago

Lol, butter a turd.
*cracks up* That sounds pretty nasty, lol.

power of Competence3737d ago

2 Girls 1 Butterknife

New internet sensation.